Transform Your IOT Initiatives with Apptricity Enterprise Asset Management

Companies can no longer afford to have a “general sense” of their assets’ locations in the age of global supply chains. Experience the latest in IoT tracking technology with our Asset Management solution. Solve long-standing issues with managing and locating your high-value assets. With global visibility, automation, and real-time reporting, our clients have spent up to 70% less time locating and repairing their assets. This lets them focus on what matters most: productivity.

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Use Zonal Tracking to Map Floors

Gone are the days of locating that misplaced shipment in a crowded warehouse. Track your inventory down to its exact location. Upload floor layout images of your building, then assign inventory to precise locations with our software.

Items can be assigned to an office, cabinet, storage closet, or any other room defined by you, and it’s all completely customizable. Stop the search party and start finding your things before they’re even lost.

Automate Cycle Counting

Save up to 40% of the time you spend on a manual inventory count. We make this easy by pairing your assets with IoT tracking tags. The result? Automated cycle counting, reduced count time, and no counting errors.

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Common Operating Picture Of All Asset Locations

Track assets when received, assigned, maintained or retired, including status by location and assignment to employees. Apptricity Asset provides extensive IOT communication device integration with Barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, RTLS/LTE and RTLS/Satellite devices.

With real-time location services (RTLS), we help deliver unprecedented 360 degree global visibility.

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Life Cycle Management

Track assets when received, assigned, maintained or retired, including status by location and assignment to employees. You can even add, transfer, and assign assets in batches in order to quicken your processes.

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Restock and Repair Management

Entering assets into the Asset Management solution by purchase date, warranty expiration, purchase cost, and expected lifespan provides a fully detailed picture of any restocking and repairing operations.

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Track with Any Tag

Apptricity Asset Management works with any tracking tag on the market, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose which tags work best for your budget and solution needs. All RFID, Bluetooth, LTE, and satellite tags can be utilized to provide location and condition tracking services for the assets they are attached to.

Search by Several Attributes

Search by type of asset, location, asset owner, and other attributes.

Customizable Alerts

Create rules based on asset location, age, or warranty information and receive alerts based on customizable thresholds.

Asset Management Overview

Apptricity automates and simplifies asset tracking, sweeping away inefficient, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes.

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Asset Management for Healthcare

Global Healthcare Exchange reports two thirds of hospital executives lack real time reports with actionable data.

Asset Management for Law Enforcement

City police departments are responsible not only for their officers, there’s collected evidence, vehicles, and equipment they use daily.

Asset Management for Education

Educational institutions are achieving higher visibility into the location and condition of the assets they manage, with Apptricity Asset Management.

Supply Chain Overview

With the ability to customize all fields, screens and menus, Apptricity SCM addresses the needs of organizations of any size.

Pinpoint Assets in the Globalized World

Real-Time Visibility grants the user unforeseen benefits such as increased ROI and the ability to avoid future loss.

What is Your IoT Strategy?

Apptricity provides global visibility for your assets and your asset inventory. Utilizing Real Time Location Services (RTLS), and its I-Connect Series of IOT devices, Apptricity can provide tracing, tracking and visibility on your assets wherever they are located within seconds.

Apptricity provides cloud-based M2M positioning and on-premise devices that delivers cost-effective, scalable options, for asset/ inventory tracking and integrates with your current ERP systems.

Apptricity provides tracking tags for any type of assets. You have the freedom to choose which tags fit your budget, or asset category without the worry of software compatibility into your ERP system.

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Apptricity Integrates with Any ERP

Apptricity’s Integration Engine is a multi-dialect tool enabling our solutions to provide data to, and consume data from, external sources. Integrations can take the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.

Apptricity also provides pre‐built integration connectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Workday, Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other technologies.

Apptricity Integration Engine with several brands of ERP