The Most Asked IoT & Supply Chain Questions of 2022

Join us in this episode of Supply Change – the Supply Chain Management podcast by Apptricity. It’s the end of the year, and we wanted to take a moment to wrap it up (Christmas pun intended) by addressing the major questions on your mind. What should we be excited about in 2023 regarding the Internet of Things? When it comes to supply chain management, what are the core differences between assets versus inventory? Can you use Apptricity IoT software on your mobile device? Who owns the scan data that comes into the Apptricity system and can I put it in my other ERP systems? With the new year coming, technology upgrading, AI and data analytics improving, and so much more, 2023 is looking very bright for supply chains. Join us in this episode where we unpack your questions and what the future has in store for supply chains! As always, you can learn more at and check out the site’s new design changes while you’re there. Thanks for joining.

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