Top 5 Reasons to bring automation to your business

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Looking for the magic of synergy at work today? Automation could be just the ticket. HUH? Automation is NOT Magic. But Automation helps you create it! Take a look… What does Automation provide?

  1. Consistency – I know, it isn’t exciting. But consistency is a powerful thing. Consistency establishes a standard of operating for your company or department or region. The right consistent actions, applied toward a goal, get you there. Consistency brands your company. It is magnetic – attracting employees and clients who value your standards. Consistency lays a strong foundation for success. Consistency wins over erratic and whimsical EVERY TIME when it comes to delivering product and performance.
  2. Predictability – I know, it isn’t glamorous. Predictability goes hand-in-hand with consistency because results can be anticipated. The fast-food industry knows all about predictability. We know what to expect from the different chains! It is when the food or the experience doesn’t match our expectations (or what we predicted), that we are disappointed! But you want to work for a predictable organization, and predictable companies are easier to do business with. You know what you can expect, enabling you to achieve your goals.
  3. Traceability – Still not exciting. Traceability helps you deliver predictability, which comes with consistency. You can collect data. You’ll be able to correlate data about what you did with the outcomes produced. Traceability helps you see where you’re stopped, and allows you to think about what to do to move forward. You can adjust your course with precision and without throwing out what is working.

SO, here you go… MAGIC is below!

  1. Accountability – To me, sounds painful. But accountability just frees everybody up to do their job, not every job. A successful company counts on synergy to produce their results. Synergy – that magical thing when two or more things create something BIGGER than their individual efforts combined. If accountabilities are not clear, your process is confused and everyone is doing everything to just get’r’done. Synergy is difficult to get without accountability.
  2. Preservation of your Business Expertise — Now this could be exciting: You know what it costs to hire expertise in your field. You know how hard it is to find expertise in multiple domains. You know how you feel when experience walks out the door. Companies balance the cost-of-expertise-already-gained with the cost-of-developing-expertise. When your processes are automated, you are less vulnerable when the knowledge of “how it is done” walks, retires, or is hit by the proverbial bus. With automation, you can broaden your resource pool, and hire for qualities that cannot be automated: creativity, courage, strength, willingness, desire. And implement the magic of synergy at your company.

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