Effective Pandemic Response Solution with Vaccine Distribution Management

Vaccine Distribution Management in 2021: A Texas-Scaled Process for Pandemic Solutions

Apptricity Vaccine Distribution Management program provides a comprehensive view of the population’s health status and current inventory levels from a single vaccine distribution management system. This vaccine distribution management system helps make data-driven decisions and respond faster to your vaccine distribution needs.

Vaccine Distribution Management Features & Benefits

Inventory Management

With vaccine distribution inventory management, program organizers can track the availability of vaccine doses and stock levels, monitoring lot numbers, expiration dates, and dose inventory. It can help maintain adequate vaccine doses.

This can also help forecast demand accurately by reducing waste, diverting surplus supplies in an area, and limiting supplies in another.

Monitoring & Tracking

With easy data capture, government organizations can analyze and monitor the outcomes of vaccination distribution efficiently.

It helps plan a vaccination administration strategy and estimate the success rate of a vaccine. Organizations can respond to any widespread community health concern to vaccination faster.

Vaccine Adminstration

Capture vaccine inbound delivery information such as planning and forecasting accurately and prepares for vaccine receipt and outbound delivery administration. You can monitors and tracks vaccine administration before vaccine delivery.

Administration agencies can maintain a log of vaccine administration, analyze results, and monitor community-wide.

Vaccine Adminstration

Vaccination reporting tools can show:

  • Inventory Overview
  • Deliveries Received & Future Deliveries
  • Doses break-down (by dose received)
  • Lot expiration report

Automating alerts like second-dose reminders, to-dos before vaccination, precautions, etc., can also reduce staff burden. 

Use Study for State & County Public Health Departments

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