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Apptricity Warehouse product line brings a new level of efficiency to your organization. By streamlining and automating end-to-end management, it saves you both time and money while giving you complete visibility and control, all in real-time.


Apptricity Warehouse uses cutting- edge technology to solve the age-old struggle of efficiently managing both your warehouse and inventory from end-to-end. Built with the hands-on user in mind, this easy-to-use system drives significant process improvements and reduces customer turnaround times.

man in warehouse picking from inventory

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology

Our user-friendly, intuitive software enables you to manage incoming shipments, putaway operations, inventory rotation and movement, fulfillment, and shipping. Specialized tools help minimize lost revenue from stock-outs, spoilage costs, and shrinkage, as well as optimize pick locations based on frequency to accelerate product picking and shipping.

Today’s warehouse managers have a considerable amount of technology at their fingertips: radio frequency identification (RFID), data provisioning, sorting equipment, etc. Apptricity pulls all this together in an intelligent, computer-driven solution that offers a robust set of features that help mitigate implementation risks.

Gain 360° Warehouse Visibility

A flawless flow of trailers and materials is necessary for effective warehouse management. Gate check-in and check-out, trailer movement requests, loaded inventory disclosure, and full integration with warehouse activities are all included features.

The Warehouse interface is designed to provide control, compliance, asset visibility, and efficiency through tracking and reporting, which apply to both vehicle locations and their contents. Gain real-time global visibility into the “who, what and where” of your organization’s warehouse operations, across states or globally. Google EarthTM and GPS tracking by location are also integrated to present unparalleled visual information.

Warehouse management inventory

Integrate with General Ledger and Other Apptricity Applications

Keep accounts organized and up-to-date with an application that fully integrates with your general ledger (GL). You can allocate work order costs at the heading or line-item level and assign them to the appropriate account, enabling easy differentiation between labor and materials costs. For a more comprehensive financial management suite, Work Order can be integrated with other applications, such as Apptricity Asset, Apptricity Expense and Apptricity Invoice.

When integrated with Asset, Work Order enables you to assign work order templates to specific assets for scheduled maintenance and other tasks. Work Order will automatically generate work orders according to your preconfigured schedule and maintain a log of work performed on each asset. Within Asset, asset status can be marked “unavailable” while maintenance is being performed and automatically reset to “available” upon service completion. Additionally, you can enter any components installed or replaced as part of the work order into Asset as related assets which are then linked to the primary asset.

warehouse workers picking from inventory

Achieve Total Awareness and Control

  • Inbound receiving: The solution facilitates the tracking of inbound items and supplies configurable validation points. Full license plate functionality with opportunistic cross-docking included. Integration with financial systems, legacy systems, and ASRS extends control to critical areas of your organization.
  • Administration: The easy-to-use interface is designed for efficiency, few screen changes and minimal system modifications, ensuring shipment management is smooth and easy.
  • Inventory Management: Warehouse enables you to manage cycle counts according to best practices, supporting a variety of methods for taking physical inventory. Inventory adjustment, reverse logistics capabilities, and status change updates are available across all sites and facilities.
  • Putaway: Warehouse streamlines your putaway operations, providing for system-directed wireless putaway with configurable rules and validation points. A number of industry best practice rules are also included.
  • Picking and Shipping: The system accommodates multiple picking methods, including ASRS, carousel, pick and put-to-light, pick-to-belt, and a-frame dispensing systems. Full truckload, less than truckload, intermodal, and parcel shipping are all supported.


  • Seamlessly integrate with any back-end system, including custom legacy solutions and automation systems.
  • Secure product quality by monitoring shelf-life and expiration.
  • Enjoy complete multi-site visibility into receiving, inventory, and shipments, giving you oversight and control.
  • Utilize full mobile support, including iOS®, Android® and Windows Phone® devices.

Total Integration with Your Systems

Our software integrates with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Banner, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Epicor, Sage and QuickBooks. We also will quickly develop custom interfaces for your other systems, including AP. Our Agile implementation lets us stand- up your system on-site or via SaaS — incredibly rapidly.