What Is an IPS Solution and How Does It Work?

indoor positioning system within a warehouse

IoT experts at Apptricity have developed a systematic IPS solution for clients from any business segment. Read more to learn about real-time visibility for every essential asset and inventory in your business.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is improving the indoor positioning and tracking landscape daily. Current indoor positioning solutions showcase many similar capabilities, so researching the most important features is of paramount importance.

Many best-in-class solutions boast IPS accuracy. What is meant by indoor positioning accuracy? How accurate? Does accuracy mean visibility? Does accuracy provide any additional data other than location?

These are great questions that deserve precise answers. Accuracy can be measured and captured via many technologies. RFID and Bluetooth are best-in-class methods of identifying and locating specifically tagged items in a particular indoor area (GPS is the standard for outdoor). How accurate is this technology? Most technologies afford accuracy within a few meters.

How does an indoor positioning system work?

Many companies’ offerings require a more complex and intensive infrastructure to support their system. The Apptricity system is simply readers, tags, and the application.

Apptricity’s fixed readers are installed in specific locations around the indoor space or collection of spaces. These readers scan data and place tags at a specific location on the floor map. Real-time updates track tags as they move around.

The low-maintenance infrastructure afforded by Apptricity, is installed by expert engineers at the client’s site or collection of sites. All devices are installed for maximum accuracy and deepest coverage. Get your demonstration here.

Apptricity’s fully comprehensive asset and inventory management solution has deep functionality in a user-centered application.

Location represents only a portion of the important data that most companies need to manage. Apptricity delivers a full spectrum of information including location tracking, item quantity, and item condition.

Further management information and actionable tasks include alerts and actions for assets that need upcoming maintenance, who is responsible for an asset, how much useful life is remaining in an asset, historical usage levels, warranty information, user guides, and complete asset service and part replacement history.

Accessing data from multiple channels is a must in the landscape of remote and hybrid work. Apptricity’s asset and inventory management solutions allow data to be viewed and managed by web and mobile access across devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.

Apptricity’s live webinar series showcases four scheduled shows you will not want to miss.

The Apptricity All-Star Webinar Series has arrived. Subject matter expert and product manager, Christian Garcia provides key information on tagging technologies for modern supply chain efforts.

Many companies have been using barcodes successfully for years, so why is the switch to RFID necessary? The first webinar covers the basic technology behind barcode and RFID tags, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both, and helps to determine what solution is best for tracking assets and inventory across the supply chain.

If you are interested in the newest technology in supply chain management, join this series where you will learn:

·  The difference between barcode and RFID tags

·  How radiofrequency works

·  How to implement an RFID solution

·  Indoor positioning primer

·  Indoor tracking technology usage cases

·  The 3 P’s: Presence, Proximity, Position

·  Cost effective IPS solutions

·  Tracking technique technology comparisons

Apptricity is an expert IoT industry leader providing the ability to operate as a System of Operations (SoO) or integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions.

Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Reach out here to see how Apptricity can help any-sized business solve issues with IoT.


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