IoT or “The Internet of Things” refers to the relationship of all internet-connected physical devices (except computers and smartphones). These devices use sensor technology to share data with other machines that are also connected to the internet.

What truly separates IoT technology is its ability to transmit data without a human. Meaning, the communication is device to device. Anything from a house to a car or from a plane to a toilet can connect to the Internet of Things.

If a sensor with IoT capabilities is placed upon an object, then it becomes a branch of the Internet of Things framework.

What Is an Example of an IoT Device?

Almost anything can be connected to the Internet of Things, but not everything is an IoT device.


  • A house alarm monitored by an app on your phone is an IoT device.
  • A smart-city streetlamp scoping perimeters and analyzing the weather is an IoT device.
  • Shipment containers with sensors that quantify mass, wearables that measure heart rate, and city scooters that calculate energy consumption are all IoT devices.
iot example devices

Are There Security Concerns with IoT Devices?

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Companies that house IoT servers and connect to IoT devices must take ample security precautions with a private database for the user.

The United States military trusts companies like Apptricity to house data on private servers and databases for security purposes. We eliminate concern of data co-mingling with that of other customers.

We use advanced government security measures known as FedRAMP and DISA for Cyber Security standards.