Where do RFiD and Bluetooth® solutions provide advantages for business models? Anywhere real time control and visibility are needed.

The Internet of Things (IoT) usage landscape is adapting and growing more diverse at a frenetic pace. It’s important to sift through the “me too” offerings in search of high-quality, whole system solutions. Apptricity’s System of Operation (SoO) provides comprehensive solutions for asset tracking and supply chain lifecycle technology.

Apptricity’s system of operation (SoO) provides real time visibility and tracking functionality with solutions including barcode, RFiD, and Bluetooth® device, software, and application. Should a client need to accelerate or scale up their solutions, Apptricity provides expanding enterprise asset management clients and supply chain partners with more advanced LTE, 5G, and Satellite GPS based solutions.

The collection, analysis, and transfer of raw data into deeper, meaningful metrics allows for a better ROI for enterprise asset clients and supply chain partners, alike. Location tracking service is only one small solution in a deep sea of Apptricity’s capabilities.

We know accuracy can be measured, analyzed, and captured by many means. RFiD and Bluetooth® are both modern means of identifying and locating specific items with precision in a designated place. Let’s observe RFiD and Bluetooth® in action and identify some real-world usage examples that we encounter daily during our typical morning commutes.

Radio Frequency Identification or RFiD can be found in toll tags for a vehicle. The toll tag is just a simple RFiD transponder that sends out a radio signal to a reader identifying the vehicle by an original identity number. The signal is picked up by a sensor in the driving lane. The sensor reads the tag id, deducts the toll from the associated vehicle ‘s account, updates account information, chronicles the instant time of the pass through, and sends an email, statement, invoice, etc. The entire transaction only takes seconds to complete and requires no human interaction.

Bluetooth® is another common wireless technology typically for short range usage. Headphones, speakers, phones, and gaming controllers, and streaming devices often have Bluetooth capabilities. These devices exchange data via radio waves similarly to RFiD. A great example of Bluetooth® connectivity is that of a smart phone to vehicle. The connection allows integration of smart phone applications that can be accessed and controlled by the vehicle’s voice command system, applications UI, or steering wheel controls. Here are 5 cool ways to utilize Bluetooth in your vehicle.

What if you could utilize a 23-mile range Bluetooth® beacon? What could you solve with that kind of real time power? Want to see the Apptricity 23-Mile Bluetooth® in action?

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Apptricity provides a winning formula in supply chain lifecycle solutions with a complete application and stand-alone system of operations.

In architecture the triangle is known for its strength and stability. Likewise, Apptricity meshes the strength and stability of their solution with 3 focal points, device, software, and application.

A highly intensified and complicated infrastructure doesn’t necessarily translate to better service, speed, reliability, security, or capability. In fact, the Apptricity System of Operation (SoO) works harmoniously between devices and software through the infrastructure of the entire application. The system will provide alerts to users for selected data sets as they unfold and change in real time.

Apptricity does not stop their functionality at current asset location. In fact, the apptricity system allows users to access real time visibility into asset data reports for current location, prior location, historical tracking, who is responsible for it, service schedules, maintenance reports, repairs downtime, asset depreciation, and useful life of equipment remaining, to detail a few measurable variables. Apptricity is the IoT company with the ability to offer the full spectrum of supply chain lifecycle, enterprise asset management, inventory management, and enterprise field services solutions.



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