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Discover how automation delivers the substantial cost savings, conveniences, reliability and productivity increases that outsourcing fails to provide.

Why should you care who processes your invoices? This white paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing invoice management, offering helpful information and alternatives to enterprises that engage offshore solution providers.

Learn what’s behind the increase in backsourcing and what’s ahead for companies who do more than simply bring business operations back home:

  • Reasons why projected savings through outsourcing have been slipping away
  • Outsourcing challenges involving technical qualifications, language skills, data security, intellectual property (IP), political uncertainties and customer satisfaction
  • How to respond nimbly to changing markets instead of scrambling to align outsourced operations scattered across the globe
  • How accounts payable (AP) automation drives bottom-line improvements, including timely payments and stronger vendor relationships
  • The role of automation in finding a balance between outsourcing and insourcing

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