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Green Supply Chain While we are celebrating all things green this week for St. Patty’s Day, lucky pots of gold are not the only things that should be going green. With new changes occurring in the auto and transportation industries, it may be a good time to talk about your supply chain going green. While the talk about the push for expense management going green has been the latest news, the push for going green in the supply chain is now stronger than ever. This week, Toyota and Partners announced that they will begin a hydrogen supply chain test project to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 80 percent. These efforts are influenced by the idea that Japan wants to build a “hydrogen based society” to encourage the use of fuel cells to power cars, homes, and office buildings. While better efficiency may be the driving forces for companies such as Toyota to go green, it is beneficial for your company by saving money and offering a competitive advantage in your industry.

Staying Competitive: It is no surprise that many companies these days are making changes to keep up with better efficiency. One major incentive for going green in your supply chain is simply to keep up with the new changes of the century in using green efforts; your competitors are probably going green, and you should too! Although most companies may look within the office to reduce emissions, focusing on the supply chain is a great way to go green. Emissions from transport and fleet can account for a large portion of a company’s footprint.

Customer Priority: Going green is a great way to let customers know you care. Even with environmental regulations already in place for reduction of waste and pollution, going green in the supply chain is a way to keep customers aware of such regulations and issues about the environment. It is also a great way to educate customers and the public about the relationship between carbon emissions and efficiency.

Reducing your carbon footprint: While it may be great to reduce costs by going green, and adhering to new regulations, it is important to reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Because saving energy and money is a priority in your business, it is more important than ever to be able to sustain products and services with a low carbon footprint and still be able to meet supply chain demands. When supply chains go high tech, sustainability is increased because fuel costs can be reduced, waste and emissions can be reduced, and all while keeping products and services going at a more sustainable pace.

A great solution to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint is by using enterprise software that contributes to such reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

  • Automating your business: Software enterprise solutions, such as Apptricity, believe that implementing just one automated solution can reduce the carbon footprint of its customers. The contribution to the reduction of Greenhouse Gases can be realized within the first year when using automated software solutions.
  • Go Green and Save $$: The cost of energy can account for more than 30% of an organization’s IT budget. Instead of purchasing new servers to run Apptricity software, corporations are given access to a shared environment and therefore do not consume new electricity to run their own computers and air conditioning; it is estimated that a customer can achieve an operating savings of more than $10,000 per year for each application
  • Improve efficiency: To improve efficiency and increase sustainability, Apptricity partnered with ngConnect (Alcatel-Lucent) and Chorus, to generate greater efficiency, fuel savings, and asset control. Apptricity Field Services uses M2M technologies to provide total visibility. With the use of GPS, customers can be notified for arrival times, eliminating trips to empty homes.

As both internal and external pressures to go green rise, Apptricity will continue to innovate in ways that help its customers not only understand their impact on the environment, but provide a sustainable, measurable reduction in their carbon footprint.

Learn more about Apptricity and all our green initiative solutions: //

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