Worry free expense reporting makes for a very happy Thanksgiving

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We all know that Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming – lots of mouths to feed, last minute grocery runs, multiple items in the oven or on the stove… no need to add to the stress of the holiday by wondering when you are going to be reimbursed on your expenses. Create expense reports effortlessly and promptly with Apptricity Travel and Expense and get reimbursed faster than you can say gobble-gobble-gobble!shutterstock_228478294

Step 1: Create an expense report.

Start by creating an expense report. Drag and drop line items on appropriate expense reports. Line items can be created manually or auto-created by automatic uploads from your corporate credit card or purchasing card.  

Step 2: Use the receipt capture on the mobile app.

Is your wallet overflowing with receipts? No need to hang on to all of those, all you have to do is open the receipt capture feature on the mobile app. Take a photo of your receipt, approve the clarity, and OCR technology will automatically upload the information from the receipt and turn it into a line item in your expense report.

Step 3: Submit your expense report and receive reimbursement quickly.

Once your expense report is submitted, it is accelerated through the approval process, and you are able to keep track of with a visual workflow. You can sit back and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and expense reports can be approved by your manager on his mobile device. Then it will be automatically forwarded to the accounts payable system, thus ensuring you will be reimbursed quickly – in time for all that Black Friday spending!

For more information, check out our website or contact us at Happy Thanksgiving!



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