Maximize Invoice Processing Efficiencies

Invoice Management

Accelerate and simplify invoice processing through automation. Apptricity Invoice Management maximizes your efficiencies, streamlining processing while you save time, increase your cost savings and gain greater visibility. Complete with comprehensive reporting and analysis, the solution reduces administrative expenses by automating manual procedures such as the processing of paper invoices. Dispute resolution, another extremely labor-intensive process, is also automated. Attaching scanned and fax-to-image documents to digital transactions further reduces paperwork.

Conveniently accessible with a Web browser or mobile device, Apptricity Invoice Management automates everything from invoice creation to settlement:

  • The system converts each paper invoice to a digital image, stores it, routes it for approval, matches it to purchase orders and prepares it for payment.
  • Auto-generated messages remind anyone holding up the process.
  • Configurable workflow routes invoices for approval with escalation according to your timelines.
  • You save money with vendor discounts, duplicate invoice detection and three-way matching of invoices against purchase orders and receiving documents.

To add to your efficiencies, combine Apptricity Invoice Management with other time-saving solutions such as Apptricity Buyer Connect, Apptricity Catalog Management, Apptricity Contract Management and Apptricity Supplier Connect.