Apptricity is the Global leader in IoT for Asset Tracking and
Inventory Management with Real-Time Capabilities.

Global Leader

Choosing Apptricity

Who Relies on Apptricity?

Global Corporations and Government entities rely on Apptricity to provide real-time visibility and automate their asset tracking and financial and spend processes.

Why They Trust Apptricity

Regardless of sector, industry or application, Apptricity solutions are enterprise class. You can deploy, integrate, modify, use, in your own private cloud environment.

Who Relies on Apptricity?

Apptricity offers a flexible platform and mitigates risk with a free demo. Discover how fast and smooth an Apptricity deployment can be.

Easy Integration with ERPs & Legacy Systems

“In addition to interfacing with existing legacy systems, Apptricity’s advanced service-oriented architecture allowed our business to replace several homegrown applications with a web-services based solution.”

Rapid Upgrades
New features quickly implement at a much lower cost. Migrating to a new version can occur in as little as one month. Customizations roll-over to new releases.

Flexible & Easy Configuration
Our business rules engine, workflow and integrated administration tools enable your administrators to dynamically make configurations without IT team assistance. Our applications readily adapt to your organization’s business logic, rules, best practices and compliance requirements.

Intelligent Analytics & Reporting
Apptricity provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop application-specific reports.

Secure Systems
Our Asset Tracking solution meets the highest security standards. We extend the same security we offer our government clients to our commercial clients, preventing the possibility of a data breach or co-mingled data.

Platform Inclusive
Apptricity applications are platform inclusive and highly adaptable. They run on any standard operating system, web browser, application server or mobile technology platforms for iOS, Android and Microsoft Mobile tablets.

Scale Faster at Lower Cost
As your business grows and changes, Apptricity mobile and web integrations remain intact. Readily migrate when needed. Adapt easily to new business requirements – all at a low cost.

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