Track your vehicles, the inventory, assets, and work orders for the day with Apptricity Field Services

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Instant access, 360 visibility, and end-to-end mobile inventory and asset tracking.

Apptricity’s Cloud-Based Field Service Management Software provides an end-to-end solution that manages your vehicle stocking, work order scheduling, and work order execution processes. The web and mobile software combined with Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware ensures total visibility into the location and stock profile of your vehicles, while also allowing drivers to see their vehicle inventory and assigned work orders on their tablet.

Apptricity Field Services Features

Custom Stock Profiles

Set up vehicles with loadout profiles that dictate how much of a particular item needs to be stocked at the beginning of the workday. As items leave the vehicle, values are updated in real-time through tag scans.

Real-time Inventory Counts

Any item tagged with an RFID or beacon tag is scanned and displayed on the mobile application, giving users real-time insight into what is on the vehicle at any given time.

Vehicle Tracking

Apptricity I-Connect Controllers provide GPS coordinates of the vehicle which can be viewed on the asset map in Apptricity Asset Management.

Turn by Turn Directions

Utilize your favorite mapping application to route to the location of your next work order.

Restock in the Field

If users are missing an item needed for a particular work order, they can search for that item and find the nearest storehouse or vehicle in the field that has an extra for replenishment.

Meaningful Reporting

Generate reports to show inventory consumption, vehicle mileage, and much more with Apptricity’s out-of-the-box reports. Professional reporting is also available and allows users to create custom reports on any data point in the system.


Apptricity’s Field Services and Work Order Management solutions can help automate and simplify complex asset tracking. Learn how Apptricity can help eliminate those inefficient, labor-intensive, and error-prone manual processes.

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    Innovative Field Services Solution

    Discover a flexible and easy to use solution that allows you to customize asset maintenance tracking and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world.

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    Introducing 20-Mile Bluetooth

    Learn more about the new 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth, the most accurate, secure, longest-ranging connection on the market.

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