Apptricity Healthcare Asset Tracking Software

Track and manage the equipment needed
to administer the best possible care for your patients

In today’s healthcare environment, it is crucial to have an effective strategy for tracking the various types of equipment needed to treat patients. Items such as IV pumps, heart rate monitors, and beds routinely go missing or get misplaced in the chaos of the moment. PPE gloves and masks are more important than ever in today’s post-pandemic world, and time spent looking for these essential items is less time spent treating patients. Trust Apptricity to track and manage the important equipment that helps you administer the best possible treatment for your patients.

Automated Equipment Tracking with IoT Technology

IV pumps, defibrillators, beds, and portable x-ray machines are just a few of the important types of equipment that routinely go missing throughout a hospital or care center. Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware features a number of different tag types that can provide real-time visibility into the location of the tagged equipment.I-Connect controllers set up across a floor scan tags and automatically place them at their specific location on the floor map, providing visibility into lost equipment and ensuring that the locations are accurate.

Managing PPE Quantities in Real-Time

Masks, gloves, and goggles all represent unique types of PPE that must be stocked and available at all times. Apptricity Inventory Management allows users to tag PPE with RFID or BLE tags, which get scanned and rolled up to provide real-time quantities of each item. When items fall below a quantity threshold set by your organization, purchase orders can be auto-generated to ensure that important PPE is never out of stock.

Calibration and Maintenance Tracking

Healthcare equipment often contains rigorous calibration and maintenance standards to ensure reliability. Keep track of any past, present, and future maintenance activities with Apptricity Asset Management. Integration with Apptricity Work Order Management allows for maintenance tasks to be auto-generated based on elapsed time or usage, then scheduled to technicians for repair.Having this information about your equipment informs the cost- benefit analysis of continuing to repair an item versus purchasing a new one.

Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice.

Apptricity’s API connectors  enable our software products to process and consume data from external data sources.

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