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Track and manage medical equipment for superior patient care and cost efficiency

It is crucial to have a best-in-class system in place to track healthcare equipment in real time. Apptricity has identified frequent and significant chaos in locating IV pumps, monitors, beds, diagnostic equipment, and ventilators. Expensive or limited resource items like PPE (gloves, gown, masks) routinely go missing or get misplaced in hospitals and surgery centers.

Track Equipment Automatically with IoT Technology

Hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) routinely waste valuable time and resources by frantically searching for missing equipment and supplies. I-Connect hardware by Apptricity features a variety of tag types that provide real-time visualization into your equipment’s precise location. I-Connect controllers scan ID tags, update location changes, and provide accurate, secure visibility of medical equipment of any size.

Manage PPE and Disposable Inventories in Real-Time

The post-pandemic landscape of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, goggles, and gowns all must be sufficiently stocked, available, and valid for use continuously. Apptricity Inventory Management allows users to tag PPE and disposable surgical supplies with RFID or BLE tags. The tags get scanned and chronicled providing real-time quantities of each item. Additionally, your hospital or healthcare facility details the inventory quantity threshold triggering auto-generated purchase orders. PPE and disposable inventories are maintained and never lost or out of stock.

Track, Schedule, and Organize Service History and Calibration

Nothing is as aggravating as losing your diagnostic equipment or specialty surgical devices to downtime, service interruption, preventative maintenance, or expiring parts replacement. Your collection of medical equipment requires rigorous calibration and maintenance standards to ensure reliability. Keep track of any past, present, and future maintenance activities with Apptricity Asset Management. Integration with Apptricity Work Order Management allows for maintenance tasks to be automatically generated based on elapsed time or usage, then scheduled with technicians for repair. Specific equipment information provides the data to analyze the cost-benefit of continued repairs versus purchasing new equipment or devices.

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Our Asset Management solution will organize and revolutionize your asset tracking

A Well-Organized Healthcare System

A well-organized healthcare system literally saves lives. Integration of IoT connectivity can help maintain or even improve high patient-care standards. Apptricity’s Asset Management solutions will organize and easily modernize your asset tracking strategy. Imagine ensuring equipment is in the right place at the right time for the right procedure. The Apptricity family supports our clients and partners with our 20 years of experience in providing the best products and services in monitoring and tracking.

  • Tracking and Management Software with Custom Configuration and Integration
  • Inventory Management, Expiration Management, Purchase Order Generation
  • Equipment Service and Maintenance Scheduling

Through a combination of accessibility, usability, and the latest in IoT technologies, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) provides solutions to major problems faced by the healthcare industry.

Real-Time Tracking

Our post-pandemic landscape requires real-time tracking to maximize quality treatment time for patients. Apptricity partners with our healthcare communities to track and manage the most important surgical, diagnostic, and protective assets in their systems. Together we develop a purpose driven solution to increase efficiency, save time, and decrease cost. We help focus on providing the highest quality patient care and outcomes with confidence in medical equipment availability.

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