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Retail represents one of the largest industries both domestically and worldwide that face massive challenges in supply chain execution. Apptricity provides a hybrid hardware and software solution that provide the real-time visibility into the location, quantity, and condition of important retail items from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. With integrations into the largest ERP solutions in the market, Apptricity provides the system of intelligence to supply your business with the day-to-day information it needs to run effectively. See how Apptricity addresses some of these unique challenges in the retail sector in the options below.

Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS)

Buy online, pickup in store is a modern way to shop that puts pressure on store employees to run smoothly. See how Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware and Asset Management solution addresses problems in this quickly-growing format.

Buy online, pickup in store, or BOPIS for short, is a new form of shopping that has been skyrocketing in popularity following the COVID-19 outbreak. With shopping going increasingly digital, retail stores are being forced to implement new strategies or optimize existing ones for curbside delivery and pickup. When orders get lost or delivered to the wrong vehicle, orders get delayed, snowballing into a worse customer experience. Apptricity provides a hybrid hardware and software solution that helps track orders in their specific location of the store, reducing order mix-ups and wait times for all customers using BOPIS.

How the Apptricity Solution Works

Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware and mobile application gives users the immediate insight into what are of the store an order is located. Three components make this solution possible within the store:


  1. I-Connect Controllers – Scanners set up at order staging locations that are constantly looking for tags
  2. I-Connect Tags – RFID or BLE tags associated with an order that provides the location tracking when scanned by a controller
  3. Apptricity Asset Management – The cloud-hosted, web and mobile solution that employees use to create orders and see where they are located

Mobile Order Creation and Tagging

Using the Apptricity Mobile Asset Management application gives users the ability to create new orders on the fly and associate an RFID or BLE tag to it. Once these orders are created, users can also search for them and see details about the order, including last scan location and customer name. This visibility reduces time spent locating missing orders and ensures that the correct order gets to the customer.

RFID and BLE Hardware for Real-Time Tracking

Each Apptricity I-Connect controller can be outfitted with RFID and/or BLE scanners that constantly look for tags. These controllers are associated with a specific location in the store, such as a staging area or curbside location. When orders are created and tagged, they are immediately tracked across the store in real-time. When orders are completed, BLE tags can be recycled and reused for future orders, while RFID tags can be disposed of due to their low cost.

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Gain Visibility into the Location and Quantity of Your Important Retail Items

While brick and mortar shops have taken a hit given recent events, they still represent a large percentage of shopping that takes place across the globe. See how Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware, paired with its Asset and Inventory Management solutions can help solve the problems faced by brick and mortar shops.

Whether you are tracking retail at the individual level or by pallet, crate, or any other unit of measure, Apptricity provides the software and hardware necessary for real-time tracking of location and quantity for the important items in your brick and mortar shop. Apptricity’s Asset and Inventory Management solutions paired with I-Connect hardware provides an IoT-enabled, cloud-based solution that delivers full visibility into your retail supply chain.

Reduce Shrinkage

Depending on the product, retail companies can expect to experience a 4 to 30 percent decrease in product availability due to shrinkage. These numbers increase when dealing with products that have a limited shelf life. Apptricity solves these problems with an automated software and hardware solution that tracks the location of inventory items in real-time. Users are alerted when inventory has a rapidly approaching expiration date, ensuring that products are shipped in a manner that maximizes the lifespan of a product. Furthermore, Apptricity’s Inventory Management solution integrates seamlessly with I-Controllers and BLE/RFID tags, giving real-time insight into the quantity of specific SKUs at a facility.

Integrate with Existing Point-of-Sale Systems to Eliminate Out-of-Stock

Out of stock issues account for anywhere between 8 to 12 percent of a retail company’s annual revenue. Keep that revenue where it belongs with Apptricity Inventory Management. With an automated scanning solution in place, quantities of any SKU can be updated in real-time, giving you the insight into reordering and restocking items. Apptricity’s flexible integration engine means that Apptricity Inventory will tie into any existing POS solution, triggering automatic reordering when quantities fall below a defined threshold.

Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice.

Apptricity’s API connectors enable our software products to process and consume data from external data sources.

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