Apptricity’s Retail Inventory Management Software uses IoT Tracking to Give your Team Real-Time Visibility

Apptricity provides asset, inventory, and equipment tracking software. Our enterprise solution allows you to track, locate, safeguard, and streamline all your assets and inventory across multiple retail locations, providing you with real-time, operational visibility for your inventory.

Billions of Assets Tracked Globally

Trillions In Asset Value

Apptricity’s Retail Inventory Management Software uses IoT Tracking to Give your Team Real-Time Visibility

Apptricity tracks, locates, safeguards, and streamlines all assets and inventory across locations while gathering your most relevant data in real-time. Our retail inventory management software allows you to make the best data-driven decisions for your retail company. Complete supply chain visibility is not only achievable, but can be done with an automated, low-maintenance solution. By combining cloud-hosted software with IoT-connected devices, retail companies can eliminate blind spots in their supply chain.


Apptricity combines the latest in IoT devices and cloud-hosted software to give full visibility into the retail supply chain.


Real-Time Inventory Location


Cycle Counting

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Inventory Track within Vehicles

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Reduce Shrinkage
Across Your Business

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Map Inventory to Floor Map


Integrate with POS and ERP system

Pinpoint Your Onhand Inventory

Apptricity’s retail inventory management software uses an indoor positioning system to provide automated tracking and visibility for any tagged retail items. The system is established by outfitting locations with I-Connect Controllers to establish a connected mesh, tagging retail items with Bluetooth® beacons, and uploading an image of the floor plan where tracking will take place. As tagged items move across areas like the warehouse, sales floor, or back storage rooms, the system will automatically place items at their precise location on the floor map, eliminating the hours spent looking for lost or misplaced items and giving a real-time look into retail that is on hand at your location.  

Automate Cycle Counting

Apptricity’s IoT-connected Inventory Tracking solution provides automated cycle counting that can be scheduled on a user-defined timeframe. Equipping locations with I-Connect Controllers and tagging important retail items with RFID or Bluetooth® tags creates an inventory tracking zone where any tagged items are scanned and updated within the Apptricity system. This system can perform accurate cycle counts within minutes, saving hours of manual labor spent counting inventory on hand.  

Gain Vehicle Inventory Visibility

Vehicles often transport shipments of high monetary value yet remain one of the biggest “black holes” in the retail supply chain. Apptricity’s Connected Service Vehicle provides in-transit visibility for all tagged retail items located within shipping vehicles. Whether by land, rail, air, or sea, Apptricity’s I-Connect Controller can be outfitted in any shipping vehicle and outfitted with RFID and/or Bluetooth® antennas to scan and report the location and quantity of any tagged retail.

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Indoor Positioning System for Retail

IPS solutions have become more popular for solving many of the major problems faced in retail, namely, at the warehouse and sales floor level. This low-cost, low-maintenance solution provides visibility into the location of tagged retail items. Click the button below to see our retail webinar and learn more about IPS solutions for retail. 


Learn More about Apptricity for Retail Inventory Management

What is retail inventory management?
Retail inventory management refers to the process of overseeing the flow of goods and products from the point of production or acquisition to the point of sale to the end customer. It involves managing the quantity, location, and movement of inventory items to ensure that the right products are available at the right time and in the right quantity. Apptricity’s retail inventory management software grants your enterprise the ability to manage these items throughout every phase of the supply chain.
    Is this the same as retail supply chain management?

    Yes and no. Retail supply chain management is a bit more comprehensive. It is the process of managing the entire supply chain of a retail business, from procurement of raw materials and production to distribution and sales. It involves coordinating and managing the flow of goods and information between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers. Apptricity’s software solutions not only grant your team real-time tracking but procurement, in-transit inventory tracking, indoor positioning system tracking, warehouse inventory tracking, and more are all available in our easy-to-use system. Therefore, our solution can be considered as a retail inventory, asset, and supply chain management solution depending on the features your team needs.

    My organization has expensive assets, can we use this for retail asset management?

    Since our solution can tailor to any of the three: inventory, assets, and supply chain, we will dive more into the difference of asset management. Retail asset management refers to the management of physical assets that a retail business uses to support its operations. This can include buildings, fixtures, equipment, and inventory. For this, your team would be managing things such as lifecycle asset management, maintenance, work orders, etc. All of these are available within the Apptricity software system. Therefore, yes, you can use this for retail asset management as well.

    What are the issues of managing retail inventory?

    Some of the most common issues of managing retail inventory include overstocking or understocking, inaccurate inventory counts, slow-moving inventory, theft or loss, and stockouts. Other issues are streamlining procurement or managing inventory across channels.

    How can retail inventory management software help combat these issues?

    Apptricity’s retail inventory management software can help combat these issues by providing real-time inventory tracking and monitoring, automated purchase orders when inventory falls below thresholds, analytics that help with forecasting, and overall inventory optimization. It can also optimize pick-pack-ship routes, warehouse inventory management, onboard inventory tracking, and more. It can identify slow-moving inventory, reduce stockouts, and prevent theft or loss through security features such as automated RFID scanning.

    We want to upgrade our barcode system, do you have RFID retail inventory management?

    Yes, Apptricity specializes in RFID tracking technology for asset and inventory management. Our patented I-Connect edge devices make the process automated and can cut cycle count times by up to 90%! RFID retail inventory management offers several benefits, including improved inventory accuracy, increased efficiency in inventory tracking and replenishment, and better visibility into inventory levels and movements. It can also help reduce labor costs associated with manual inventory tracking and prevent theft or loss through real-time tracking and monitoring. Apptricity has helped customers save billions of dollars in inventory procurement costs and shrinkage prevention!

    Why is Apptricity the best retail inventory management solution?

    Apptricity is considered the best retail inventory management solution because of its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Trusted by the US Army, US Air Force, Verizon, Brinks, and other Fortune companies, Apptricity leverages a combination of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons, patented edge devices, and proprietary software to provide real-time tracking of assets and inventory for enterprise level supply chains.

    Apptricity’s system boasts location tracking in up to real-time, which is critical for enterprises needing to track retail inventory. Additionally, the system can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide a comprehensive solution for retail inventory management. Overall, Apptricity’s Retail Inventory Management Solution is a top choice for enterprises looking to improve their retail inventory tracking capabilities.

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    We know retail inventory management and use IoT technology to make your life easier

    RFID & I-Connect Controllers

    RFID tags can be associated with any merchandise, then scanned to create a connected inventory solution. Handheld scanners can be used to conduct manual cycle counts, and I-Connect Controllers can be set up to automate cycle counting for your asset or inventory tracking.


    Bluetooth® beacons are a step up from RFID tags because they actively beacon their signal instead of relying solely on a scanner for tracking. These tags can be scanned via smart device or I-Connect Controller and can be used for higher value merchandise. 

    Connected Service Vehicle

    Outfitting the shipping fleet with I-Connect Controllers and tagging important merchandise with RFID or Bluetooth® controllers establishes a Connected Service Vehicle, bringing visibility into the location and quantity of important shipments.


    © Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


    © Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


    These are some of the top solutions our retail clients rave about

    Indoor Positioning System

    Establish a tracking mesh with I-Connect Controllers and tag retail with Bluetooth® tags to create an automated tracking system that provides precise location accuracy inside any building.

    Inventory Tracking

    Provide real-time tracking services for important retail inventory by tagging items with RFID or Bluetooth® tags and strategically setting up I-Connect Controllers to scan at user-defined frequencies.

    In-Transit Visibility

    Utilizing Connected Service Vehicles eliminates inventory blind spots that occur when inventory is in transit. Know exactly when an item leaves a vehicle and optimize your stocking and restocking.

    Warehouse Operations

    Apptricity’s IPS Solution provides an automated tracking system that locates any tagged items and places them at their specific spot on the floor. Reduce hours spent looking for lost items and equipment.


    Apptricity is trusted by the largest Government and Commercial Organizations in the world.

    The leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous asset tracking and supply chain solutions with the most secure, accurate, and dependable asset monitoring and data intelligence available. We place our clients at the center of all we do, providing them with uninterrupted global access to mission critical information in real time.

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