Get Real-Time Visibility Over your Fleet with Apptricity’s Logistics Management Software

Apptricity tracks, locates, safeguards, and streamlines all assets and inventory across locations while gathering your most relevant data in real-time. Our logistics management software helps you track your fleet, driver behavior, and onboard inventory so that you can make the best data-driven decisions for your logistics team.

Billions of Assets Tracked Globally

Trillions In Asset Value

Get Real-Time Visibility Over your Fleet with Apptricity’s Logistics Management Software

Apptricity tracks, locates, safeguards, and streamlines all assets and inventory across locations while gathering your most relevant data in real-time. Our logistics management software helps you track your fleet, driver behavior, and onboard inventory so that you can make the best data-driven decisions for your logistics team.


Apptricity provides a cloud-hosted, IoT-connected solution that provides users with real-time visibility into the location and condition of their fleet. This enterprise tracking solution provides access from anywhere via web or mobile.

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View Fleet and Inventory Location

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Full Maintenance Summary

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Track Environmental Factors

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Manage Parts Inventory
Across Locations

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Optimize Vehicle Stocking

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Complete Integration Into Your System of Record

Track Fleet Vehicles and their On-Board Cargo

Knowing the location of your fleet is only half of the equation. Apptricity’s logistics management software provides tracking for not just the vehicle, but the tagged inventory it carries through RFID and/or Bluetooth® scanning. Tagging inventory items with RFID tags or Bluetooth® beacons and outfitting fleet vehicles with an Apptricity I-Connect Controller ensures full visibility into the current loadout of your fleet vehicles.

Manage Maintenance Tasks for Assets

As assets accumulate usage hours, routine maintenance is often required to maintain usefulness and efficiency. Apptricity’s Asset Management solution contains a maintenance module that allows users to create, schedule, and complete maintenance tasks while also providing a complete maintenance history at the asset level. Templates can be created for commonly completed maintenance and other assets and/or inventory can be added to the work order to signify what is needed to complete the task.

Sensor Technology for Environmental Tracking

IoT sensor tags are an emerging technology seeing greater adoption in the logistics industry. Tags can be outfitted with sensors that track information such as temperature, light, shock, and fill levels. Apptricity’s system received data from these tags and can trigger alerts if specific environmental requirements are not being met. Drivers can receive these notifications and rapidly respond to remedy the situation.


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Would this solution be interchangeable with transportation logistics software?

Transportation logistics software and logistics management software are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between them. Transportation logistics software typically focuses on the movement of goods, such as route optimization, carrier selection, and load planning. On the other hand, logistics management software encompasses a broader range of activities, including inventory management, warehouse management, and supply chain optimization.

Apptricity’s tracking solutions expand into the telematics, driver behavior space in addition to location data and other associated asset and inventory data. If you are looking to optimize routes for your company, Apptricity’s tracking software will allow you to analyze driver behavior and determine trends that may be causing delays. The software grants your team the ability to optimize pick, pack, ship and placement within your warehouse for faster loading and overall efficiency. Watch a demo to see how the software can give you and your team the visibility you need.

I'd like to optimize my cargo logistics management, is that a feature of Apptricity's software?

Cargo logistics management is the process of overseeing the flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. It involves activities such as transportation, storage, and distribution. Logistics management software can help by providing real-time visibility into the location and status of cargo, optimizing routes and transportation modes, and automating tasks such as invoicing and payment processing. It can also help with inventory management, ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time.

With Apptricity’s supply chain, spend, and logistics tracking solutions, the possibilities are truly endless. Procurement, invoicing, approval workflows, warehouse optimization, onboard inventory tracking, etc. are all available within the Apptricity system. Depending on your team’s needs, you can turn on or turn off portions of the software that make the most sense for you. When you are ready to scale, Apptricity has the tools in one easy-to-use system.

I’ve seen you streamline maintenance and work orders, how does that apply to logistics?

Streamlining maintenance and work orders is crucial in logistics because it can help minimize downtime and ensure that goods are delivered on time. Logistics management software can help by automating maintenance schedules, tracking maintenance history, and generating work orders when maintenance is required. By streamlining these processes, logistics companies can reduce the risk of breakdowns and delays, which can result in increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

Why is Apptricity the best logistics management software?

Apptricity is considered the best logistics management software because of its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Trusted by the US Army, US Air Force, Verizon, Brinks, Komatsu, and other enterprises across the globe, Apptricity leverages a combination of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons, patented edge devices, and proprietary software to provide real-time tracking of assets and inventory.

Apptricity’s system boasts up to real-time location tracking, which is critical for logistics companies needing to track assets, inventory, and their fleet. Additionally, the system can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide a comprehensive solution for logistics transportation tracking. Overall, Apptricity’s tracking software solution is a top choice for logistics companies looking to improve their tracking capabilities.

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We know IoT technology and use it to make supply chain logistics operations easier, in turn, making your job and life easier

Connected Service Vehicle

Comprised of an I-Connect Controller and tagged inventory, the Connected Service Vehicle provides in-transit visibility for fleet vehicles and their cargo. Apptricity Field Services gives back-office users the ability to view vehicles on the map and the system sends alerts if drivers are missing required inventory.

Apptricity I-Connect Controllers

These edge devices can be set up to provide real-time inventory tracking capabilities with RFID and/or Bluetooth® scanning. Controllers scan tags and send them to the Apptricity Asset and Inventory Management solutions via cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet connectivity. Customize pings and quantity for enhanced precision.

Bluetooth® Beacons

These active beacon tags are perfect for asset and inventory tracking. As self-powered tags, they actively report information to I-Connect Controllers or handheld smart devices. These tags can also be manufactured with sensors for measuring environmental data points like temperature, light, and shock.


Important assets and inventory items can be tagged with RFID tags to provide real-time location and quantity updates when scanned by an I-Connect Controller or RFID handheld scanner. These tags come in several different form factors and with various environmental-resistance certifications.


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© Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


These are some of the top solutions that bring our logistics clients the most ROI

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Apptricity Field Services

Users can manage their Connected Service Vehicles with this web application. Drivers have access to a tablet application that shows them their vehicle loadout based on the most recent scans. Optional integration with the maintenance module in Asset Management gives back-office users the ability to create and schedule work orders that drivers can view and complete.

icon demonstrating enterprise asset management software

Enterprise Asset Management

Apptricity EAM contains the full suite of software features including lifecycle management, maintenance scheduling, IoT tracking integration, and much more. With web and mobile applications, users can view their important data points anywhere, anytime. This solution grants users access to 360-degree visibility across the enterprise, allowing data-driven decisions.


Apptricity is trusted by the largest Government and Commercial Organizations in the world.

The leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous asset tracking and supply chain solutions with the most secure, accurate, and dependable asset monitoring and data intelligence available. We place our clients at the center of all we do, providing them with uninterrupted global access to mission critical information in real time.

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