Track your Law Enforcement Equipment with Apptricity’s Asset and Inventory Management Software

Law enforcement officers play a vital role in maintaining order and public safety amongst a wide variety of communities. City police departments are responsible not only for officers but their collected evidence, vehicles, personnel, and equipment used daily. Learn how to track all this in one simple system! Apptricity tracks, locates, safeguards, and streamlines all assets and inventory across locations while gathering your most relevant data in real-time. Our law enforcement asset tracking software allows you to make the best data-driven decisions for your team.

Learn: How to Supercharge Law Enforcement Asset Tracking

Learn: How to Supercharge Law Enforcement Asset Tracking


Our IoT devices and cloud-hosted software create a single, unified solution for tracking any equipment, vehicles, and firearms used in law enforcement.

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Asset lifecycle management

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Manage chain of custody

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Establish geofences

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Track high-value assets with GPS tracking tags

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Track Inventory and Asset Quantities by Location

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Real-time alerting when things require your attention

Asset Lifecycle Management

The Apptricity Law Enforcement Asset Tracking solution streamlines lifecycle management by offering a comprehensive approach to managing the entire lifecycle of critical assets, from purchase to retirement. With this solution, users can easily track the location, usage, and condition of vital equipment in real-time, using either the web or mobile application. In the event of maintenance needs, users can schedule and dispatch work orders to other users within the system, while also keeping track of upcoming and completed maintenance tasks. This streamlined approach to asset tracking helps law enforcement agencies maintain a comprehensive overview of their inventory, enabling more informed decision-making around procurement, allocation, and retirement of equipment.

Automated Check-In/Check-Out process

With the Apptricity Law Enforcement Asset Tracking solution, users can leverage the power of barcode and RFID scans to effectively assign and unassign items to personnel, and keep track of full ownership history at the asset level. This includes critical usage statistics, dwell time, and status updates, providing users with a comprehensive view of the asset’s journey from acquisition to retirement. Additionally, signatures can be requested or required depending on organizational procedures. The Apptricity Asset Mobile application runs on mobile computers with attached RFID scanners, allowing users to access this powerful solution from a single device, making it easier to manage assets while on-the-go. With this solution in place, law enforcement agencies can enjoy greater visibility and control over their assets and inventory, improving operational efficiency and ensuring they have the necessary equipment to fulfill their mission.

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Geofencing for Location Enforcement

The Apptricity Law Enforcement Asset Tracking solution goes above and beyond to provide users with a comprehensive asset and inventory management experience. In addition to the powerful features above, the solution also includes geofencing capabilities that allow users to enforce location requirements as assets move, whether authorized or not. With geofencing, users can create a boundary around a location or asset, and receive alerts and notifications when the boundary is breached.

These notifications can be sent to multiple users and are delivered via email and/or SMS, ensuring that the relevant individuals are immediately made aware of any potential issues. This innovative feature provides an intuitive way to manage asset location, prevent theft or loss, and improve overall asset management. By leveraging geofencing in conjunction with other powerful features, law enforcement agencies can streamline their operations and improve visibility into asset usage.


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Can this solution be used for Law Enforcement Inventory Management?

Absolutely, in Apptricity terms “asset” and “inventory” are used interchangeably. The software and IoT tracking solutions we provide have the ability to streamline asset and inventory management processes for any industry. Specifically when it comes to Apptricity as law enforcement inventory management software, the solution is just as comprehensive as mentioned above. In addition, we can tailor our software to meet your inventory tracking needs.

For example, getting real-time location data, automating cycle counts, and improving your check-in/check-out processes, we cut those times by up to 90%! Overall, Apptricity’s law enforcement inventory management software provides a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies to streamline operations and officers are always mission ready with equipment and necessary tools.

You mentioned vehicles, does Apptricity do police fleet GPS tracking?

Apptricity specializes in helping organizations across industries track their fleet of vehicles using GPS technology. The same is true for law enforcement. With Apptricity’s police fleet GPS tracking system, police organizations can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety. The solution provides real-time data on the location of each vehicle in the fleet, allowing dispatchers to quickly and easily assign vehicles to calls based on proximity. This improves response times and reduces fuel costs by minimizing unnecessary travel. The GPS tracking solution also enables law enforcement agencies to monitor vehicle speed and driver behavior, helping to identify and address unsafe driving practices. In summary, Apptricity’s police fleet GPS tracking solution provides a powerful tool for police organizations to manage their fleet more efficiently and effectively, ensuring they have the necessary resources to protect and serve their communities.

Can I track what's inside my police vehicles as well?

The answer is yes. This in Apptricity’s terms is called a Connected Service Vehicle solution. It is identical to a police vehicle inventory tracking solution, and it provides law enforcement agencies with a comprehensive approach to managing the equipment and supplies stored within their vehicles. With this in place, police departments can track and monitor all items stored within their vehicles, including firearms, ammunition, body armor, first aid kits, etc.

With inventory costs within the several thousands of dollars per items, this solution is invaluable. We provide real-time onboard inventory tracking, which helps dispatchers quickly locate and allocate equipment. In addition, the software can be used to manage maintenance and repairs, providing alerts when equipment is due for these projects.

How can I get started with this as Quartermaster Inventory Software?

This is a very common use case for Apptricity’s law enforcement customers. The Apptricity IoT tracking software solution acts as quartermaster inventory software by allowing quartermasters to keep track of all uniforms, weapons, and other duty gear. It also includes features for managing maintenance and repairs, with alerts that notify users when equipment is due. This is commonly used for shields, tasers, uniforms, or other expensive equipment and can be used to track warranty as well. 

The solution enables agencies to streamline procurement processes, automate purchasing workflows, and manage vendor relationships. The software’s customizable dashboards and reports provide a comprehensive view of inventory levels, enabling agencies to identify trends, make informed decisions, and ensure they have the necessary resources to serve their communities. With Apptricity’s solutions serving as quartermaster inventory software, you can gain real-time visibility for you and your team.

How can I track my confiscated property management for my property room?

With Apptricity, you have an immediate solution for managing confiscated property in police property rooms. The solution enables law enforcement agencies to track and monitor confiscated property from the moment it is seized until it is either returned to the rightful owner or disposed of. With Apptricity as your property room management solution, agencies can track items by type, owner, location, and other relevant information, allowing for easy and efficient retrieval when needed.

The solution includes features for managing storage space and inventory levels, with alerts that notify users when storage space is reaching capacity or when an item is due for disposal. With customizable dashboards and reports, law enforcement agencies can access data on confiscated property usage, storage, and other key performance indicators, enabling informed decision-making around property room management. This provides law enforcement agencies the ability to efficiently manage confiscated property, improve compliance with relevant regulations, and ensure transparency and accountability in their operations.

Can the system be used as a gun tracker?

Apptricity does not manufacture tags for the purpose of individual gun tracking, but our solutions do help streamline armory asset management as a whole. This is a core feature of our government asset management solutions. The Apptricity Armory module provides comprehensive visibility for armory personnel to see real-time status of weapons that are in the armory and awareness on assets that are currently checked out.

The system provides standard shift activity reports that show the checkout/in activity for any period and electronic signatures captured as part of the process. Apptricity Armory capability will improve the visibility of armory status across the related chain of command. You can learn more about government asset tracking solutions here.

Why is Apptricity the best Law Enforcement Asset Tracking solution?

Apptricity is considered the best Law Enforcement Asset Tracking Solution because of its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Trusted by the US Army, US Air Force, Police Departments across the country, Verizon, Brinks, and other Fortune companies, Apptricity leverages a combination of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons, patented edge devices, and proprietary software to provide real-time tracking of assets and inventory. Apptricity’s system boasts up to real-time location tracking, which is critical for police departments needing to track assets and inventory. Additionally, the system can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide a comprehensive solution for law enforcement. Overall, Apptricity’s Law Enforcement Asset Tracking solution is a top choice for police departments looking to improve their tracking capabilities.

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We know IoT technology and use it to make law enforcement asset and inventory management operations easier, in turn, making your job and life easier

LTE/Satellite GPS

Active tags that provide real-time location services without the need for a scanner. This is an excellent option for 360-degree visibility across your operations.

Connected Service Vehicle

Outfitting vehicles with an I-Connect controller and RFID/Bluetooth® antennas brings visibility into all tagged items located within a vehicle.


Tags placed on important equipment and I-Connect Controllers providing real-time location services in areas where tracking is needed.

Bluetooth® Tags

Active tags placed on important equipment with better read reliability than RFID. I-Connect Controllers and smart devices can scan these tags for tracking.


© Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


© Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


These are some of the top solutions that bring our law enforcement clients the most ROI

GPS Asset Tracking

For items that require real-time tracking, GPS tracking tags are the optimal choice to associate with assets. Tags can connect to the internet via cellular or satellite, ensuring location coverage regardless of where the device is located. Users can view current location and a full location history for each tracked asset on the map on the web and mobile applications.

icon demonstrating enterprise asset management software

Enterprise Asset Management

Apptricity EAM provides everything you need for tracking and maintaining important assets. Manage asset lifecycles, schedule maintenance, integrate real-time tracking, manage ownership history, and more with this cloud-hosted, web and mobile application.

icon demonstrating inventory tracking

Inventory Tracking

Equipping locations with I-Connect Controllers and tagging inventory items with RFID or Bluetooth® tags establishes an automated Inventory Tracking solution that updates the location and quantity of inventory items in real time. Controllers scan tags at a user-defined frequency, then connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, ethernet, or cellular to send information to the cloud.


Apptricity is trusted by the largest Government and Commercial Organizations in the world.

The leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous asset tracking and supply chain solutions with the most secure, accurate, and dependable asset monitoring and data intelligence available. We place our clients at the center of all we do, providing them with uninterrupted global access to mission critical information in real time.

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