RTLS LTE Asset Tracking Devices


Utilize RTLS tags to track any important assets or inventory items in real-time.

Real-time Location Service

Real-time Location Service (RTLS) tags are used to track valuable assets in real-time. With an on-board power supply and connection to the internet via LTE, these tags remain connected to the internet and self-report on a user-defined basis.

Upgrade Your IoT Tagging Technology with These RTLS LTE Asset Tracking Devices

RTLS – PA – Wired

This wired RTLS device is a high precision tracking device utilized best on heavy equipment. This device offers equipment monitoring, driver identification, theft recover, and driver behavior. While both rugged and robust, the RLTS – PA can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures making it an ideal outdoor solution.

RTLS – M1 Mobile 1

The RTLS – M1 Mobile 1 is a compact and rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracker that can last up to 10 years in hard-to-get spaces. While the design is small, this device offers precision tracking for any type of equipment. IP67 housing allows the device to function in harsh conditions while continuing its peak performance.

Battery life:  up to 5 years (correlative with ping rate)

Batteries: 3X AAA Lithium

RTLS – M1 Mobile 2

The RTLS – M1 Mobile 2 is an ultra-rugged battery powered GPS asset tracking device that can last upwards of 10 years. This sleek design offers high-precision tracking for all types of equipment. Powered by off the shelf lithium batteries (3 x AA), this device is the perfect solution for heavy duty equipment looking to be tracked.

Battery life:  up to 7 years (correlative with ping rate)

Batteries: 3X AA Lithium

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