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City-owned assets management with Apptricity

Manage all city-owned assets and inventory with Apptricity

Facilities Management encompasses the care and management of a wide variety of different assets and inventory items across different buildings and departments. No matter what it is you are tracking, Apptricity has the technology to provide visibility into all of the important data about the items you manage.

Check-out for Complete Ownership History

If you need to check items out to different employees within or outside of the organization, Apptricity provides a comprehensive checkout tool on both the web and mobile applications that facilitates this process in an easy to use manner. Any asset associated with a tag can be scanned and assigned to a user, then returned via the same process. All ownership history is kept at the asset level, as well as running count of time spent with a particular owner.

Track Assets by Department

City-owned assets are often kept in a similar location yet belong to different departments. Apptricity Asset Management allows users to define a virtually unlimited amount of data points about their assets, including purchase date, warranty days, department, and much more. Apptricity’s mapping solution allows users to upload floor maps of a building and track items down to the specific room on the floor, giving complete visibility into the location of important fixtures, computers, printers, or other important assets. With Apptricity’s rules engine and span of control settings, departments can be restricted to only see assets that belong to their department, ensuring that all asset data is kept within one system but only accessible by those with specific user permissions.

Mobile Auditing with Apptricity Mobile Asset Management

When it comes time for yearly audits of assets, Apptricity Mobile Asset Management provides an audit function that allows users to scan assets via RFID or Barcode, then compare what is scanned to a list of assets that are assigned to a location. As users progressively scan more assets, a completion bar fills up to represent the progress of scanning everything assigned to the location. Implementing Apptricity’s I-Connect RFID tags in this workflow saves users up to 70% of the time spent scanning for barcodes.

Apptricity solves these problems and more with a cloud-hosted, IoT-enabled Asset and Inventory Management solution. Request a demo to see how we can help your organization in action.

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