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What is Supply Chain Management?

Our Supply Chain Management solution is an integrated, mobile suite that brings a new level of efficiency to your organization’s operations. By streamlining and automating end-to-end management, we save you time and money and give you complete real-time visibility and control.

Apptricity Supply Chain Management can be ran as a system of record or a system of operation. Either way lets us be the feet on the street or the boots on the ground to provide you the enterprise visibility to where and how you assets are being utilized. Let us grow with you to ensure your enterprise is running optimally and without limit.

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Asset Tracking

Apptricity Asset Tracking, Provides Enterprise Asset Life Cycle Management. From Requisition to Disposition while providing full asset visibility.

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Inventory Management

Apptricity brings 360-degree visibility to supply chains. Inventory reports: stock quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration detail, in real time.

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Warehouse & Yard Management

Warehouse management lets you manage incoming shipments, putaway operations, inventory rotation and movement, fulfillment, and shipping.

Yard management provides control, compliance, asset visibility, and efficiency through tracking and reporting on vehicle locations and contents.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility

We harness the power of cloud based, machine to machine (M2M) technologies, the most flexible Internet of Things (IoT) technologies available all on your own secure private cloud. Our Supply Chain solution suite consists of — Asset, Inventory, Warehouse, and Field Services.

Your operations are streamlined when workers pinpoint exactly what they need in seconds, without rummaging. Built-in analytical tools reveal patterns of use and other statistical gems. Boil down those patterns into actionable data to boost efficiency and reduce cost to your business.

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Apptricity Integrates with Any ERP

Apptricity’s Integration Engine is a multi-dialect tool enabling our solutions to provide data to, and consume data from, external sources. Integrations can take the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.

Apptricity also provides pre‐built integration connectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Workday, Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other technologies.

Apptricity Integration Engine with several brands of ERP