OBD-II Telematics
Vehicle Tracker

Get Advanced Fleet Tracking and Driver Behavior


Manage the various locations of where your fleet is located including but not limited to: GPS location mapping, driver behavior, service schedule management, depreciation to disposition tracking, and vehicle status integration with your SoR.

OBD-II Telematics Vehicle Tracker

Track the location of your fleet and monitor driver behavior with Apptricity’s Telematics solution. Plugging this tag into the standard OBD port of your fleet vehicles provides location data for each vehicle, while also capturing driver behavior metrics. These metrics include:

  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh turning
  • Distance travelled (miles)
  • Idle time
  • High speed events
  • Crash detected
  • Engine time on

Each of these metrics can be viewed by driver in a scorecard.


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Track and Manage Fleet Location In Real-Time

Apptricity GPS Fleet Management Software provides real-time fleet location tracking. Our fleet tracking technology provides accurate information about the location of every vehicle in a fleet, making it easier to optimize routes, plan maintenance, and ensure timely deliveries while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

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Pinpoint Vehicle Location with Map View

GPS Fleet Management Software by Apptricity provides real-time map location updates, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the whereabouts of your fleet at all times. Additionally, our platform includes advanced geofencing capabilities that enable you to create virtual boundaries around each vehicle, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.


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Track Driver Behavior Metrics 

Get driver behavior metrics with Apptricity’s GPS Fleet Management Software. Receive data on hard stops, speeding, and vehicle diagnostics, to better manage and identify areas of improvement and take action to prevent accidents and reduce maintenance costs. Optimize routes and ensure that vehicles are being operated in a responsible and safe manner.


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Manage Fleet Maintenance and Track Service Schedules 

Proper vehicle maintenance is essential for keeping your fleet running smoothly and ensuring its longevity. With Apptricity GPS Fleet Management Software, management can track service schedules for each vehicle based upon mileage. Input times to make sure you never miss an important service schedule maintenance appointment.

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Depreciation to Disposition Tracking 

Streamline asset management processes and improve overall financial efficiency with our depreciation to disposition tracking. With GPS Fleet Management Software by Apptricity, management can make informed decisions about useful data like the life remaining for a vehicle. Customize fields and set parameters to make sure your fleet is kept well and always safe to use.

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Integrate Vehicle Status with your System of Record

Already have an ERP system? Apptricity’s GPS Fleet Management software offers a seamless solution to conveniently export your data into your existing ERP or financial systems, streamlining your processes and enhancing your overall efficiency. Get the visibility you need with GPS Fleet Management Software by Apptricity.


© Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


© Copyright Apptricity Integration Engine 2001


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