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Tools and Expensive Inventory and Equipment

Construction projects provide unique challenges in asset and inventory management due to a number of key factors, including the number of important tools and equipment that need to be managed, the size of the jobsite, and the importance of being on time and under budget. With Apptricity’s IoT-enabled, cloud-hosted Asset and Inventory Management solutions, users gain complete visibility into the location and condition of their tools and equipment. Applications for desktop, tablet, and mobile ensure that the solution moves in sync with the project, maximizing the value of assets and keeping projects under budget.

Eliminate Manual Tracking

Relying on pen and paper for last known location of equipment is an inefficient way to track important items. Apptricity’s I-Connect line of hardware provides a number of cost-effective tags that can provide GPS location data in up to real-time. Apptricity’s wide availability of tracking options lets the value of the equipment determine the cost of the tracking tag. With tags that communicate GPS coordinates via LTE, BLE, and Satellite, companies have a number of different options that adapts to the network availability of the jobsite.

Reduce Shrinkage from Theft and Lost Items

One of the largest factors for projects going over-budget is shrinkage. Equipment will routinely “walk off the jobsite” or go missing, especially if the jobsite is large. Apptricity’s I-Connect tags report back to Apptricity Asset Management, where users can view the location of any piece of equipment on the map. Users can also establish geofences around a jobsite that will alert users when an asset is breaks the radius. Additionally, if an asset has not reported in a user-defined period of time, alerts can be generated to inform.

Maximize the Lifespan of Heavy Machinery

Much of the yellow iron used on jobsites requires routine maintenance to ensure maximum lifespan. Not tracking these usage milestones can be costly for a project, especially when equipment breaks down and needs to be repaired or replaced entirely. Apptricity Asset Management allows users to schedule and complete maintenance tasks based on a number of different variables, such as elapsed time or engine hours. As maintenance milestones approach, notifications are generated and sent to the responsible parties. Maintenance tasks are auto-generated and can also be auto-assigned to appropriate users when integrated with Apptricity Work Order Management.

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