Drive process and channel efficiencies with a 360-degree view

Supply Chain Management

Apptricity® Supply Chain Management is an advanced mobile solution suite that automates supply chain operations. With unprecedented insight, visibility and control, you can now effectively manage complex supply cycles involved in Warehouse ManagementAsset ManagementWork Order ManagementInventory ManagementTransportation Management, and more.

All Apptricity solutions utilize a common service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform enabling you to select the individual modules you need for end-to-end supply chain automation. You can also add solutions from the Apptricity Integrated Finance solution suite to tie together additional corporate functions and automate your entire enterprise.

The Apptricity integration engine connects directly to your existing systems, providing a robust cross-functional solution and maximizing the value of corporate resources. With a flexible business rules engine and the ability to customize all fields, screens and menus, Apptricity Supply Chain Management addresses the needs of organizations of any size.