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Comprehensive asset tracking for retail, inventory, fleet, manufacturing, parts, higher education, and I.T.

About Asset Management

Apptricity Asset Management offers comprehensive enterprise-wide tracking, inventory, maintenance and valuation for all assets, providing organizations with the data they need to make solid purchasing, scheduling, useful life and salvaging decisions.

Our solution monitors inventory, unused and assigned equipment, keeps tabs on service contracts and schedules, and lessens the total cost of ownership by eliminating manual processes. Depreciation models are made simple with the system’s valuation capabilities, which track current and historical values.

With our asset tracking software, you can accurately account for all assets across each store, facility and the lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, with real-time data available anywhere you have access to a browser.

SMART Asset Management: Tracking on-the-go

SMART Asset Management Apptricity SMART Asset Mobile provides access to asset data and management functions from any location that enables internet access. Track Assets from your iPhone, iPad or your Windows Mobile or Android device. Scanned assets are immediately synced to the system, and in areas where Wi-Fi is unavailable, an unlimited number of assets can still be scanned and then synced later – when connectivity is available.

Service date tracking with automated reminders

Warranties and service agreements are attached to individual assets, making them readily available when needed. Real-time incident reporting and defect tracking help you keep a close eye on asset performance.  Automated tracking and scheduling for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) keep assets in working order, extending the lives of your investments.

Unlimited assignment of parent/child assets

Easily track relationships between assets through parent/child assignments. Asset Management links dependent assets and displays relationship hierarchies, simplifying the tasks of assigning, moving or disposing equipment. With our asset management solution, managing these connections is as easy as dragging and dropping with a mouse.

Track and locate assets via RFID and barcode with your Apple or Android smartphone

asset-barcode-rfidAlways know where your assets have been and currently are, with Apptricity’s check-in/check-out functionality; track according to division, department, employee, contractor or other category. Automated data tracking is built in with support for barcode scanning, RFID tagging, graphical mapping and global positioning system (GPS) integration, allowing you to pinpoint exact coordinates for anything you need to find no matter where it’s located.

Easily track assets through inquiries based on description, category, SKU, RFID, barcode purchase date, location or other variables, while reconciling against manifests to identify quantity or other variances.

Support for any depreciation model

Gain access to built-in support for multiple books and depreciation models, enhancing accurate record-keeping and simplifying tax calculations. Data for current and historical values is tracked automatically and graphically displayed, providing a clear view of asset value across the lifecycle, from purchase to depreciation to disposal.

Implementation in weeks

Apptricity is known for consistently meeting demanding implementation deadlines for our customers. Our asset management solution has been implemented in as little as six weeks for clients such as a government agency that was challenged by tracking high-value assets and property. Our solutions can integrate with your platform, database, and applications to provide a seamless enterprise solution that enhances your operations.

With Asset Management:

  • Track and report ownership, custodianship, depreciation and service contract information
  • Graphically display assets within a geography, building or floor
  • Receive automated data acquisition through active and passive RFID and barcode
  • Manage check-in and check-out of assets to individuals, departments, contractors and more
  • Maintain the relationship of related assets
  • Streamline tracking and performing scheduled services for assets
  • Simplify tracking asset depreciation for accounting purposes
  • Track assets with your iPhone or Android smartphone and tablets