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Transforming Spend Management and Supply Chain Management through innovation, automation and mobility

Spend Management Suite

Streamlines core functions with time-saving automated solutions
Invoice Purchasing Procure-To-Pay Travel & Expense

Supply Chain Management Suite

Provides visibility and control, to manage complex supply cycles
Asset Inventory Field Services Warehouse Work Order

8 Million

Expense Reports Annually


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20 Million

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What Clients Say

  • Apptricity Purchasing

     "We selected Apptricity Expense for many reasons, but helping to bring our expense management process up-to-date and move away from paper-based process supplements our stewardship of the resources we consume. Expense makes the process painless through automation as well as provide additional visibility, auditability and control."

    Chief Financial Officer — Fortune 500 Retail Company
  • Apptricity Purchasing

     "Support team members go out of their way to deliver exceptional support...The continued patience, support and dedication that the team exhibits are greatly appreciated and highly valued."

    Accounts Payable — TD Auto Finance
  • Apptricity Time and Expense        Apptricity Invoice

     "In addition to interfacing with existing legacy systems, Apptricity’s advanced service-oriented architecture allowed our business to replace several homegrown applications with a web-services based solution."

    Project Manager — Major Retail Electric Provider
  • Apptricity Time and Expense        Apptricity Invoice

     "Internally the savings we’ve gained from automating invoice and expense transactions handling are immeasurable."

    Project Manager — Major Retail Electric Provider
  • Apptricity Time and Expense        Apptricity Invoice        Apptricity Purchasing

     "It’s essential that we maintain positive supplier relationships and the Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but leverage cost savings from process improvements in our interactions."

    Project Manager — Major Retail Electric Provider
  • Apptricity Travel & Expense

     "Our partnership with Apptricity provides Egencia enterprise clients around the world with another integrated option for effectively managing travel expenses. Our goal is to provide customers with bottom-line savings, and Apptricity’s fully integrated tool does that."

    Premier Sales Executive — Egencia
  • Apptricity Travel & Expense

     "The synchronicity between both solutions will help the government and commercial markets improve the overall function of expense management."

    President and CEO — National Travel
  • Apptricity Invoice        Apptricity Work Order

     "With this innovation, Merit now offers the ultimate in transparency, efficiency and accuracy—any time, anywhere. We are pleased to make this investment in achieving peak performance for our customers."

    CEO — Merit
  • Apptricity Invoice        Apptricity Work Order

     "We’re excited to partner with Apptricity and get started with this dynamic business intelligence platform."

    Vice President of IT — Merit
  • Apptricity Field Services        Apptricity Inventory Management        Apptricity Work Order       

     "With Jetstream, we’ll not only be able to assign work on the fly, but we can integrate other supply chain functions, such as parts inventory. We’re excited for how those improvements will benefit our customers and pleased to be working with a professional partner like Apptricity."

    President & CEO — Lone Star Instrumentation & Electric Corporation
  • Apptricity Field Sevices

     "Put simply, the technology inside the [Connected Service Vehicle] makes field service vehicles intelligent by leveraging the cloud for service applications."

    Market Development Manager — Large Telecom Company
  • Apptricity Field Services

     "As the third CSV of its kind in the entire world, conference attendees were impressed by what we’ve been calling the ‘Van of the Future’ for Chorus. It demonstrates how next-generation technology can revolutionize work-flow processes in the service-vehicle sector and beyond."

    Market Development Manager — Chorus
  • Apptricity Warehouse Management

     "[The] Apptricity Jetstream [platform] empowers [our] enterprise to efficiently manage supply chain operations from warehouses to customers’ doorsteps, to be best in its class. After an extensive selection process…we selected Apptricity Warehouse [management solution] as the best-of-breed solution to automate our warehouse."

    Chief Executive Officer — Technology Integration Partner
  • Apptricity Warehouse Management

     "After an extensive selection process in looking to automate our warehouse, we chose Apptricity Jetstream as the best-of-breed solution."

    Chief Executive Officer — General Datatech
  • Apptricity Work Order Management

     "We talked to Apptricity about developing a system that was tailor-made to fit our needs. Apptricity put the power where we needed it. That was really a good fit."

    President and CEO — Lone Star Instrumentation & Electric Corporation