Supply Chain
Asset Management

Real Time Asset Visibility. Know where all your assets are located anywhere in the world with Apptricity’s IoT technology

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Our Inventory Management system uses IoT technology to keep track of the stock numbers and location of all inventory in your storehouse.

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We use advanced RFID technology to give you complete, fine-grained visibility. It means knowing what’s in every warehouse, on every dock and truck, 24/7.


Get complete control, compliance, asset visibility, and efficiency, through advanced tracking and reporting for vehicle locations and their content.

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Travel & Expense

Travel and Expense Management Software automates how you enter, review, authorize, approve, and audit your expenses.

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Apptricity Inventory Management uses IoT technology to keep track of the stock numbers and location of all inventory in your storehouse.

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Procure to Pay

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Software Solutions streamline procurement by automating the entire process from requisition to reimbursement.

Field Service
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Field Inventory

Know what you have and where it is at all times. Keep your contractors & crew equipped with what they need.

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Mobile Work Order

Adjust orders while tracking labor hours, tools and consumables on every job. Keep field technicians organized, managers updated, and processes streamlined.

IoT Edge Devices

Our Edge devices designed to read different types of sensor tracking tags and transmit the scan data to the web via Bluetooth, POE, WiFi or LTE communication.


Apptricity BLE devices provide beacon locating capabilities along with sensory data up to 4500 meters

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Apptricity passive and active RFID tags is a low cost method of tracking assets, personnel, Inventory.

asset-based telematics GPS location

Communicating over Satellite or LTE, these devices can track and report locations of Assets or Inventory anywhere on the planet.

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