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Real-Time Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management

Apptricity’s Enterprise Asset Management Software provides Full Asset Life-Cycle Management  We provide real-time operational visibility for each asset, it’s condition, use-ful life, and asset assignments history for all your assets within your enterprise. Apptricity additionally provides the latest Industrial IoT tracking technology to gain real-time location, analytics and visibility for any assets within your possession.

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Enterprise Inventory Management

Inventory Material Operations is essential for your supply chain. Apptricity provides full inventory visibility to allow you to Manage SKUs, track inventory by location, store, yard and warehouse. We provide the ability to view inventory stock levels at any level you choose. Track Shelf Life, Expiration, Inventory Count in real-time.  With our proprietary RTLS platform, track inventory in-transit, by air, sea ground, rail.

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Enterprise Field Service 

Field Service Operations is essential for any company with a vehicle fleet. Apptricity’s Enterprise Field Service  Software tracks your Fleet, Work Orders, and the inventory and assets inside your vehicles in real-time. Our solution ensures that all vehicles are properly stocked with the inventory and tools/assets needed to complete the day’s tasks.  We provide real-time vehicle tracking,  inventory utilization and optimize assignment scheduling.

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Immediate Access

Apptricity solutions mobilize any enterprise with unprecedented real-time information and business intelligence levels, so management has visibility into every action and transaction within the enterprise and among its partners, customers, and suppliers. Our platform enables us to address the universal objectives of businesses, government, and the US military with accelerated business processes, ROI, and 360-degree command visibility and access.

Immediate Insight

Automating and Managing your supply chain requires immediate insight into daily activities. Visibility is key in managing stock levels, distribution cycles, and product inventory. Apptricity provides you with the key analytics to get the daily business intelligence you need to make the correct decisions in managing your supply chain logistics operation efficiently.

Immediate Action

Apptricity solutions give you the data intelligence needed to take immediate action. You can set up business rules to trigger alerts and provide notifications on potential supply chain issues. Common problems such as shrinkage, out-of-stock, reorder points on inventory, or needed analytics on assets status are available in real-time. Apptricity’s IoT Technology with our Business Intelligence platform ensures that time-sensitive decisions are made immediately!

Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice.

Apptricity’s API connectors  enable our software products to process and consume data from external data sources.

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