Track Vehicle Inventory with Connected Services Vehicle

Apptricity’s Connected Services Vehicle (CSV) will manage your assets from the warehouse, into the truck and to the final destination. The technology provides immediate ROI by using RFID tags that act like a beacon for the assets location. This is not just slapping a bar code on a box as it reduces the time spent scanning materials by always pinging the asset, using Apptricty’s I-Connect Technology both in the van and the facility.

The asset location is beamed up to the cloud and back to your companies database giving you 360° visibility into your daily operations. If there is a service vehicle nearby running low on an asset, you can instantly reassign the vehicle to meet for re-supply, saving for trip back to the facility.

Apptricity’s CSV facilitates rapid data analysis that enables informed decisions that improve fleet performance and your bottom line.

What drives our Connected Service Vehicle? Check out our innovative Field Services.

Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle Features

Product-card-okVehicle Trackingchevron-down

Our tracking technology provides insight into dispatch, GPS, and simple routing like never before, while ensuring quick theft recovery when problems arise.


Investigate trends and use historical data to plan for your fleet’s future with our extensive reporting suite, which includes email and text alerts.

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The CSV is equipped with onboard 4G LTE, HD video surveillance and streaming, advanced GPS, tablet-to-car linkage, and speech recognition software.


Prolong the lifespan of your vehicles and assets while reducing maintenance costs with CSV. Our maintenance module even allows you to track hours of use between maintenance.

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Apptricity Asset and Field Services are integrated with CSV to track and update assets as work is performed in real-time. Apptricity Work Order provides tracking on all details pertaining to services and allows for work order scheduling through an intuitive drag-and drop interface; these work orders are immediately communicated to the appropriate technician in a CSV, and managers have comprehensive oversight of the CSV, assets, and technicians.

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With in-depth asset tracking features, you never have to worry about items “falling off the truck.” You can have peace of mind about where your assets are at all times.

How your Vehicle Syncs with Field Services

Invoice Management Workflow

Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle Resources

What Clients Say

  • Put simply, the technology inside the [Connected Service Vehicle] makes field service vehicles intelligent by leveraging the cloud for service applications.

    Market Development Manager — Large Telecom Company
  • As the third CSV of its kind in the entire world, conference attendees were impressed by what we’ve been calling the ‘Van of the Future’ for Chorus. It demonstrates how next-generation technology can revolutionize work-flow processes in the service-vehicle sector and beyond.

    Market Development Manager — Chorus