Apptricity Corporation Emerges as a Key Opinion Leader for IoT Tracking

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They stand alone atop the industry with the only 23-mile, long-range, Bluetooth device. Read about their new digital channels and website below.

Apptricity webinars gain traction with a professional host, informative entertainment, and subject matter expert discussions.

Apptricity will showcase its final webinar of the Summer 2022 season on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. (CDT)

Making Sense of Supply Chain Technologies is the fourth installment in a very successful and entertaining webinar program.

Apptricity has announced a Fall 2022 season of new webinar episodes with all new content. An expected launch date is targeted for early October 2022.

Does your supply chain need new tracking technology? Join the final webinar conversation about integrating new tracking technology into your supply chain efforts. The webinar will discuss the wide variety of tracking tags and technologies, it’s important to understand how each solution works, the benefits provided, and how it fits into the budget and business strategy. 

Christian Garcia, IoT product expert, candidly discusses use-case studies about deciphering appropriate technology that makes sense for your business.Don’t worry if you missed the first three webinar programs. Apptricity has posted them on YouTube, and would love to hear your thoughts after viewing them. You can find those right here.

Apptricity’s Supply Change podcast is featured on Spotify as an entertaining and informative “radio-style” discussion, showcasing their IoT expertise in helping clients.

The Supply Change Podcast brings excitement to Spotify for IoT exploration within the Supply Chain landscape. With uncertainties surfacing around the globe, supply chain disruptions, and overall logistical processes, this podcast seeks to provide actionable information that benefits our listeners on how to be best prepared.

Topics include IoT tagging technologies, geofencing, indoor positioning, field services, preventive maintenance, and a host of other subjects. Apptricity strives to bring relevant and helpful information that combats inefficiencies for our supply chain partners.

Geofencing 101

A fast 12-minute primer for geofencing. The conversation is aboutaround what is geofencing and how and why geofencing can be implemented in a variety of business scenarios.

Urban Myth Series: Can the Government Track You with RFID?

Can the government track me? One of our favorite podcast episodes answers the modern question. You can even listen to it in less than 15 minutes before work!

The Spectrum of IoT Tagging Technologies

Take a walk on the wild side in an episode dedicated to tagging. Barcodes to Bluetooth and cellular to satellite, this episode answers questions about supply chain tracking, tags, and the benefits they provide.

Podcasts and webinars are anchored by a refreshed website experience. Apptricity is bringing its IoT expertise and leadership to clients and partners all over the world. How can Apptricity help your supply chain efforts? What will you solve?

A leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous asset tracking and supply chain solutions with secure, accurate, dependable monitoring, and data intelligence. Clients are the focus of all they do. Apptricity takes tremendous pride in providing uninterrupted global access to critical information in real-time for clients in all business segments.

Apptricity proudly serves clients and partners, including the US Army and US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Brinks, AT&T, Sacramento County, and San Bernardino County. Apptricity’s IoT technology provides an extensive, flexible, and affordable solution no matter the stage of your company. Explore how a System of Operation (SoO) gives total control and 360-degree visibility of inventory and assets.

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