Transform Your Field Services with Mobile 360-Degree Visibility

Apptricity Field Services is a web-based mobile application platform that automates work order, inventory and asset management. Field Services improves overall visibility and increases productivity in the field so that field operations become measurably more efficient and profitable. Now, with Field Services, the mobile "blind spot" of Supply Chain is effectively illuminated.

Field Services leverages the proven advantages of Telematics or machine-to-machine (M2M) computing, providing these benefits:

  • Complete visibility for products and materials as they are loaded and stored in vehicles
  • Inventory amounts are automatically updated on the vehicle and recorded for the delivery location instantly
  • Vehicle operators can receive turn-by-turn driving directions
  • On-demand synchronization enables productivity even when Internet connectivity is unavailable

Field Services features key elements that are essential to operations and a fully integrated Supply Chain.

Mobilize your enterprise with Apptricity Field Services.

Mobilize your enterprise with Apptricity Field Services

How your Vehicle Syncs with Field Services

How your vehicle syncs with field services

Apptricity Field Services Features


Field Services runs on any tablet or smartphone using iOS®, Android® or Windows Phone® mobile platforms.

Apptricity Work Order

Apptricity Work Order provides an established and comprehensive oversight of the work order process, tracking all details pertaining to services. Work Order graphically schedules work orders through an intuitive drag-and drop interface, immediately communicating them to the appropriate technician.

Apptricity Asset

Tight integration with the proven Apptricity Asset solution enables Field Services to track and update assets, inventory and work orders as work is performed in real-time.

Apptricity Inventory

Apptricity Inventory completes the process, displaying quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration data ensuring inventory replenishment based on company-defined threshold limits.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Monitor maintenance and repair operations, staff assignments, warranty management and outsourced work of service vehicles.

GPS Mapping

Locate and track fleet assets and inventory, updating information directly from a mobile device utilizing integration with global positioning systems (GPS).

Real-Time Reporting

Built-in reporting provides business intelligence and visibility across your enterprise into operations and related expenses.

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What Clients Say

  • With Jetstream, we’ll not only be able to assign work on the fly, but we can integrate other supply chain functions, such as parts inventory. We’re excited for how those improvements will benefit our customers and pleased to be working with a professional partner like Apptricity.

    President & CEO — Lone Star Instrumentation & Electric Corporation
  • Put simply, the technology inside the [Connected Service Vehicle] makes field service vehicles intelligent by leveraging the cloud for service applications.

    Market Development Manager — Large Telecom Company
  • As the third CSV of its kind in the entire world, conference attendees were impressed by what we’ve been calling the ‘Van of the Future’ for Chorus. It demonstrates how next-generation technology can revolutionize work-flow processes in the service-vehicle sector and beyond.

    Market Development Manager — Chorus