Field Services that Truly Deliver

Efficient field service that satisfies customers and exceeds SLAs is possible. Field service requires intricate prioritization, including inventory control and effective routing. Apptricity Field Services allows you to monitor inventory closely, to plan strategically for maintenance and staff assignments, to have complete oversight of work orders, and to do so much more. delivers peace of mind by ensuring that what has been loaded into the fleet vehicle will be 100% tracked to the endpoint.

Apptricity combines RFID tagging, custom configurable hardware (I-Connect), advanced web and mobile software, and the Internet of Things (Iot) to provide accurate, intuitive asset and inventory tracking. Establishing territory assignments and monitoring current locations of technicians has never been easier. Apptricity Field Services fully integrates with Apptricity Asset, Work Order, and Inventory to deliver 360° visibility of how well (and responsibly) your team operates. Advanced, real-time reporting features can also translate to service quality and efficiency increases across your business.

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Mobilize your enterprise with Apptricity Field Services.

Mobilize your enterprise with Apptricity Field Services

Apptricity Field Services Features

Product-card-okIntegration with Apptricity Assetchevron-down

Tight integration with the proven Apptricity Asset solution enables Field Services to track and update assets, inventory and work orders as work is performed in real-time.

Product-card-okIntegration With Apptricity Work Orderchevron-down

Apptricity Work Order provides an established and comprehensive oversight of the work order process, tracking all details pertaining to services. Work Order graphically schedules work orders through an intuitive drag-and drop interface, immediately communicating them to the appropriate technician.


Field Services runs on any tablet or smartphone using iOS®, Android® or Windows Phone® mobile platforms.

Product-card-okIntegration with Apptricity Inventorychevron-down

Apptricity Inventory completes the process, displaying quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration data ensuring inventory replenishment based on company-defined threshold limits.

Product-card-okFleet Maintenance and Repairchevron-down

Monitor maintenance and repair operations, staff assignments, warranty management and outsourced work of service vehicles.

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Built-in reporting provides business intelligence and visibility across your enterprise into operations and related expenses. Locate and track fleet assets and inventory, updating information directly from a mobile device utilizing integration with global positioning systems (GPS).

How your Vehicle Syncs with Field Service

Invoice Management Workflow

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What Clients Say

  • Put simply, the technology inside the [Connected Service Vehicle] makes field service vehicles intelligent by leveraging the cloud for service applications.

    Market Development Manager — Large Telecom Company
  • As the third CSV of its kind in the entire world, conference attendees were impressed by what we’ve been calling the ‘Van of the Future’ for Chorus. It demonstrates how next-generation technology can revolutionize work-flow processes in the service-vehicle sector and beyond.

    Market Development Manager — Chorus