How Apptricity Helped a California County Fight Covid

San Bernardino began working with Apptricity to address the potential challenges in handling and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as a solution for tracking all of their medical supplies, equipment, and vaccinations. With over 250,000 confirmed cases across the region, San Bernardino County began to experience the quandary of handling and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine right at the beginning of the vaccination’s release. One important aspect of the vaccine’s list of care instructions is maintaining each vile at a specific temperature and ensuring its use within a certain timeframe. Apptricity’s experience in pairing sensors with tracking devices, while managing from one easy-to-use software interface, proved to be the perfect solution for this unprecedented technological need.


Bluetooth® temperature monitoring unit

For COVID-19 vaccinations, we implemented a Bluetooth temperature monitoring device in each storage unit. This asset monitoring solution gives real-time updates on inventory status. It sends an immediate alert when the temperature is out of a given range and triggers a work order if maintenance is needed.

RFID tag system to provide advanced reporting

The RFID tag system provides minute-by-minute updates when a vaccination is removed from its storage unit, allowing for advanced reporting options. San Bernardino County applied this Apptricity tracking solution for all vaccines and essential medication across the county.

Real-time location and quantity data

We understood their concerns regarding the lack of insight and visibility of their medical equipment and PPE inventory, especially during the pandemic. We tailored an integrated system that uses barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, and LTE tagging so that they could monitor inventory levels, receive alerts if quantity reaches set perimeters, and alleviate overstocking or supply shortages.


Apptricity will help you win your fight against disease

Our software helps you optimize tracking processes for your inventory, assets, and expenses across any industry. Additionally, it easily integrates with your existing systems. Global corporations, healthcare facilities, and governments rely on Apptricity to provide real-time visibility to their asset management with a focus on automating your supply chain execution and spending processes. Our software utilizes IoT, cloud-based solutions to make our customers more efficient. Above all, we ensure our customers are at the forefront. Experience the difference Apptricity can make for your team.

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