Accelerate Procurement through Purchasing Management

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Apptricity Purchasing Management makes ordering from suppliers fast and easy while placing you in control from order to fulfillment.

Configurable rules help you minimize off-contract spending and makes it simple to use only approved vendors. Users simply access a secure website to choose vendors, create an online requisition, and route it through your predetermined approval process. Once approved, the system flips the requisition into a purchase order (PO) for the vendor — automatically.

Automate your purchasing to improve accuracy and control.

Automate your purchasing management to improve accuracy and control

Apptricity Purchasing Features & Benefits

Product-card-okControl Spendingchevron-down

Minimize maverick and off-contract spending and improve accountability for corporate expenditures by guiding employee purchasing through Apptricity’s online catalog and configurable rules.

Product-card-okUse Vendor Discountschevron-down

Capitalize on your negotiated contracts by automatically using volume and time-sensitive discounts — as well as using vendor pricing structures to secure special pricing.

Product-card-okSimplify Processchevron-down

Our system breaks procurement into simple, automated steps: create a purchase requisition, approve the requisition, and flip it into a PO for the supplier. Apptricity manages it all.

Product-card-okMobile Accesschevron-down

Everyone on your team can access our system from nearly any mobile phone, tablet or desktop, giving Employees, Managers, Purchasing and Finance convenient access.


Monitoring progress is easy. View requisition details at any point in the process — and see your spend by vendor to help negotiate all the discounts and benefits you deserve.

Product-card-okComplete Oversightchevron-down

You control your list of preferred suppliers, negotiated prices and the overall process. Multiple POs even can be generated for multiple suppliers from one purchase requisition.

Product-card-okEasy to Customizechevron-down

Your administrators can easily change labels, adjust parameters, manage users and reporting, and define business rules to integrate the system into how you run your business.

Product-card-okAudit Trailchevron-down

A clear audit trail supports Sarbanes-Oxley compliance as well as corporate spending compliance. Rules compliance is automated and enhanced by real-time non-compliance notifications.

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What Clients Say

  • It’s essential that we maintain positive supplier relationships and the Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but leverage cost savings from process improvements in our interactions.

    Project Manager — Major Retail Electric Provider