Automated Warehouse Management for Overall Supply Chain Control

Apptricity Warehouse Management is a comprehensive solution, built to solve the age-old struggle of efficiently managing both your warehouse and your inventory. Built with the hands-on user in mind, this system drives significant process improvements and reduces turnaround times, ultimately increasing profits.

Warehouse allows you to run multiple facilities on the same system, providing complete visibility to shift inventory as needed and enhance your purchasing decisions. All it takes to tie in a new facility to instantly gain visibility is as an internet connection!

In addition to managing items inside the facility, Warehouse seamlessly integrates with our web-based Yard Management application. Gain control, ensure compliance, receive visibility and efficiency in asset tracking and reporting – for vehicle locations and their contents.

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Apptricity Warehouse Features

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The yard is an extension of your physical warehouse so Warehouse seamlessly integrates with our powerful Yard Management system for gate check-in/out, trailer movement requests, loaded inventory disclosure and more.

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Apptricity communicates with handheld and fixed barcode scanners, providing multi-site visibility into receiving, inventory and shipments, giving you complete oversight/control with money-saving efficiencies.

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Apptricity has the capability to seamlessly integrate with existing legacy and automation systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRSs) to extend control to critical areas of your enterprise.

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Apptricity tracks inventory movement completely throughout the four walls, including people, tasks and product. Apptricity's web-based system allows you to easily manage and track all inbound items, utilizing full license plate functionality to track moveable units.

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Warehouse supports order-based wave picking to help manage your workforce and support the variability in the workday. It can also integrate with automated picking systems for added functionality.

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Warehouse comes with reverse logistics capabilities and allows you to easily take physical inventory and make adjustments multiple ways, dynamically reflecting the status changes across all sites and facilities.

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Streamline operations with system-directed wireless putaway using configurable rules to manage product placement in the most efficient manner.

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Apptricity seamlessly integrates with any back-end financial system like SAP®, Oracle®, Lawson®, Epicor®, Great Plains®, MAPICS, Microsoft Dynamics® solutions, and custom legacy solutions.

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What Clients Say

  • [The] Apptricity Jetstream [platform] empowers [our] enterprise to efficiently manage supply chain operations from warehouses to customers’ doorsteps, to be best in its class. After an extensive selection process…we selected Apptricity Warehouse [management solution] as the best-of-breed solution to automate our warehouse.

    Chief Executive Officer — Technology Integration Partner
  • After an extensive selection process in looking to automate our warehouse, we chose Apptricity Jetstream as the best-of-breed solution.

    Chief Executive Officer — General Datatech