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Apptricity is the premier provider of Real-Time Tracking Visibility Solutions for your key assets and inventory items. We enable your organization to have a complete lifecycle visibility and management of your assets – from when the asset is procured through all aspects of its lifecycle: the asset’s location, movement, environment, security, usage and maintenance until its end of life disposal.

Our solution includes our proprietary, tech-enabled asset tags connected to the edge device hardware which captures data from the tags in real-time. The edge devices then upload the data in real-time to our Command Console software platform. This platform performs several functions: bi-directional integration with your ERP applications, connections to our AI engine to deliver predictive insights, and a system of execution and workflow processing. With Apptricity, you no longer need multiple “siloed” independent systems to manage the tracking and management of your key assets and inventory.

When it comes to “tracking knowledge”, we have you covered.

Schedule An Assessment Engagement

Consider scheduling your Assessment Engagement to discover how the Apptricity solution enables your organization to track in real-time your asset’s entire lifecycle. Our industry experts partner with your organization to define your options, gather an array of requirements, assess possible benefits and then recommend appropriate hardware and software. Your deliverables include a complete analysis and quantification of cost, security, customer, and operating benefits. These are used to offset the total cost of deployment, resulting in ROI benefits

If you elect to delay deployment of your Enterprise Asset Management solution, your assessment plan provides you with valuable insights for your future planning.

Contact us today to schedule your Assessment Engagement .