IoT Tracking Devices for Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction assets tracked at a remote building site.
Tracking construction assets at remote work site.

Apptricity experts have the right devices and software for construction equipment tracking. Construction equipment is protected by an industry-best, 23-mile, long-range, Bluetooth® device, and tracking technology including RFID, LTE, and GPS.

Construction projects depend on expensive equipment and tools at most worksites. Storage, delivery, usage allotment, location, availability/allocation, operational status, maintenance support, and technicians have to be ready with the right equipment, in the right place, at the right time. The best option is simple, real time visibility, and tracking of construction equipment.

Our construction clients and partners hear these comments too often:

  • “Where is our yellow iron?”
  • “Has anyone seen the welding components?” 
  • “We have four teams waiting to work across three large worksites. Wasted man-hours and delayed project timeline.”
  • “No power generators, no welding equipment, and no tool storage onsite. Who has them, and when will they arrive?” 
  • “Do we have gasses delivered for our welding crew?”
  • “We need to move some dirt, Boss! Nothing to work with over here!”
  • “I think it was delivered. It’s forestry equipment and it’s 18 miles from the road off the highway.”
  • “Do we have a maintenance history and service schedule on the lift? It’s making some strange sounds.”

Familiar questions from construction site managers, foremen, and equipment coordinators. They need a System of Operations (SoO) to manage their construction assets.

Tracking, locating, and safeguarding crucial equipment and supplies with Apptricity’s construction equipment tracking software creates efficiencies in time and ROI.

BulldozersGradersWheel Tractor Scraper
Trenchers LoadersCranes
Tele-handlersDump TrucksPavers
Feller BunchersPile DriversFuel and Gasses
Construction Equipment Tracked

Mission critical objectives. Construction projects. Building efforts. Forestry.

The chart above showcases a fraction of the large and expensive construction equipment needed at any variety of locations and worksites. 

Project plans and timelines should always have a real-time information component. When you have six or seven million dollars worth of equipment covering two states in four locations, it’s imperative everything can be visualized and accounted for.

Apptricity delivers real-time visualization of everything, everywhere, and at any time.

Construction Site Equipment Tracking:

“Our team has historically experienced many issues with the location, storage, and maintenance of our cranes and tele-handler booms. We used to joke around about how we could lose expensive and massive construction vehicles. Apptricity made this tracking extremely easy. The app works on my tablet from any location. The whole team can see our entire collection of tools, equipment, machinery, and even team members across every work location in real-time.

We don’t search high and low and we don’t waste time with calls and inquiries to other sites. Everyone has the Apptricity application on our smartphones with real-time updates for our inventory’s proximity, location, identification, and even the service schedule. The team always knows where our tools are and who is responsible for them. We are one of the most efficient departments in our company!”

Real-time Location:

Real-time Location Service (RTLS) tags are used to track valuable assets in real time. With an on board power supply and connection to the internet via LTE, these tags remain connected to the internet and self-report on a user-defined basis. RTLS Satellite GPS connects via satellite and represents the most reliable of RTLS tracking solutions. These tags are guaranteed to remain connected anywhere on the planet and provide location information in real time. Configure geofencing settings to alert when assets, inventory, or personnel enter unsafe or forbidden areas. 

“Construction means heavy machinery! Everything we do is difficult. Knowing our equipment should come first!  We have loads of worksites across three states, and we have construction tracking and accountability for every asset in real time. I could have every pusher in our fleet, every forestry puller, every single commercial rig in our inventory, and pull it all up right here on my phone or my tablet. Apptricity was the only company offering 23-Mile Bluetooth capability. ROI increased, personnel efficiency increased, and everyone has the same info at the same time.”

Communication through Bluetooth allows for maximum battery life through a more energy-efficient protocol than antiquated systems. These tags can be read with Apptricity’s Bluetooth-enabled I-Connect Controllers, or with a smartphone running Apptricity Asset Mobile. Apptricity’s I-Connect Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons provide the ability to locate any asset, inventory item, or personnel.

IoT Construction Control

Apptricity devices and software provide real-time advantage to asset protection. These are just a few of the ways Apptricity improves time efficiency and ROI for service and maintenance of capital equipment.

  • Mitigate downtime risk
  • Minimize injuries from faulty machinery
  • Schedule maintenance in accordance with manufacturer
  • Manage machinery, disposables, and parts in real-time
  • Generate service orders and work orders
  • Reduction of delays in production
  • Maximize usable life of equipment
  • Reduce unnecessary repairs 
  • Equipment is performing ideally
  • Parts are organized, stored, and easily located

A leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous equipment tracking and supply chain solutions with secure, accurate, dependable monitoring, and data intelligence. Clients are the focus of all we do. Apptricity takes tremendous pride in providing uninterrupted global access to critical information in real-time for clients in all business segments including construction equipment protection services .

Apptricity proudly serves clients and partners, including the US Army and US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Brinks, AT&T, Sacramento County, and San Bernardino County. Apptricity’s IoT technology provides an extensive, flexible, and affordable solution no matter the stage of your company. Explore how a System of Operation (SoO) gives total control and 360-degree visibility of inventory and equipment.

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