EAM in the Field with Emergency Medical Services

Supply Chain Management is a huge priority for business enterprise leaders worldwide. But within healthcare, hospital management, and the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) world, it matters even more, because lives are on the line.

ambulance on a highway

Hospitals rely on their supply chain and the necessary assets that are in the ambulances and EMS vehicles. Keeping these stocked with medicines, medical equipment, and supplies is only part of the problem. When seconds are a matter of life and death, first responders need to know where their supplies are at all times.

To make this happen, Apptricity provides solutions for Hospitals and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) vehicles by connecting them (and all supplies inside) to our IoT network platform.

This connectivity is what allows emergency personnel to see inventory levels in real time in each vehicle. By adding Bluetooth devices or RFID tags to each item in need of tracking and deploying our I-Connect Controller technology in each supply van and ambulance, Apptricity is able to provide full-time visibility to each vehicle and keep track of all of the assets and inventory.

If a hospital already has an ERP system, Apptricity’s can interface with their existing system for asset replenishment, inventory reordering, or restocking.

This set-up replaces manual cycle counts, which are prone to error and waste valuable time, and also diminishes the time it takes for personnel to look for assets. Our clients now have asset visibility and peace of mind so they can devote their time to aiding personnel in their life-saving work.

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