Apptricity Supply Chain Management Solutions

Real-Time Visibility for Tracking  Your Assets, Inventory and
Work Orders Across Your Fleet.

There are over 9.3 million fleet service vehicles in the United States. Service vehicles are a valuable capital asset. With the number of assets and inventory items they carry, companies need real-time visibility into their fleet, inventory and assets on each vehicle. Apptricity’s Connected Service Vehicle solution turns your day-to-day field service vehicle schedule into a mobile asset and inventory tracking system that allows you to track all your items in real time in each vehicle. Track everything inside the vehicle with our I–Connect EDGE devices . Gain real-time minute-to-minute visibility, so you can see driver metrics, current inventory and assets for each vehicle.

360-Degree Visibility

Get visibility beyond the physical location of your vehicle; gain insight into what’s on your van at all times, like when equipment is taken or returned. With Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle, you can manage trucks, tools, materials, and the status of other assets on the road, including personnel — all in real time.

Reduce Shrinkage

Take away the guesswork and add automatic accountability. The Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle automatically tracks every activity of your team and fleet. If expensive tools are missing, there is a record of what is missing, when it went missing, and who was responsible — helping you prevent loss or theft.

Work Order Management

Combine the Connected Service Vehicle solution with our Field Service Application to gain insight into work orders in real time and determine inventory needed for each job assignment. Apptricity’s mobile field service application allows technicians to view daily workload and receive turn-by-turn directions to each job site.

We talked to Apptricity about developing a system that was tailor-made to fit our needs. They gave us what we asked for and so much more. Working together has been a really good fit.”

Field Service Customer

The Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle allows any organization to track valuable inventory and assets, no matter where they are. We combine the best in IoT technology and easy-to-use software with RFID tags, sensors, and GPS to provide 360-degree real-time visibility, proof of control, and more efficient work order management.

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