Asset Tracking for Healthcare Services

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Asset Tracking in the Healthcare Industry

When lives are on the line, healthcare professionals do whatever it takes to ensure the health and safety of the patient. Emergency situations like these make it difficult to stay organized and accurately estimate stock levels. Lost gurneys, missing crash carts, stockouts, and misplaced heart rate monitors are just a few examples of the items that routinely go missing within hospitals, clinics, or Doctor’s offices. When these items do go missing, healthcare providers are forced to replace these expensive items, resulting in overspending and overstocking.

Through a combination of accessibility, usability, and the latest in IoT technologies, Apptricity Asset Management provides solutions to the major problems faced by the healthcare industry today.

Complete Visibility with IoT Connectivity

Sensor tags are the latest in IoT technologies, and Apptricity integrates with any of them to provide enhanced visibility into location and condition of tagged assets. Below is a list of the common tag types:

  1. Barcode: Cheap and easy to affix, barcodes rely on direct line of sight for use, susceptible to harsh conditions and deterioration
  2. Passive RFID: About the same size as a sticker, passive RFID tags are powered by an RFID read to send any information collected by the sensors
  3. Active RFID: These tags are either battery-powered or battery assisted, allowing them to act as beacons that send out information on a user-defined time frequency
  4. LTE: Similar to active RFID, but these tags communicate their information over the LTE cellular network
  5. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Another member of the active RFID category, these beacon tags utilize BLE to communicate with a reader
  6. Satellite: These tags communicate with GPS to always ensure connectivity

Get a handle on expired or recalled items, save 20-50% on excess labor with manual SKU entry, and stop overnight shipping costs. Tags capture information like temperature, latitude/longitude, use life, and much more. This flexibility in data capture allows for automated reporting and provides actionable data on important metrics and process.
Apptricity’s Mobile Asset application provides the ability to use a “Marco Polo” type of functionality to detect the proximity of a Bluetooth tagged item. As a user gets closer to the Bluetooth tag, the mobile application will represent a hotter/colder reading to direct them to the exact location of the asset. No more scanning endless rows of labels in small type when seconds count.

Floor Mapping for Zonal Tracking

Rooms within a hospital or doctors office often have a list of items that belong within each room. In the hospital, each floor may service patients with similar ailments, requiring a similar loadout of equipment. Apptricity’s Asset Management provides the ability to upload a floor layout image and create rooms as locations. Furthermore, assets can be assigned to these individual rooms, allowing for complete granularity into where assets are located. Rooms can be assigned a loadout profile, allowing employees to always know which equipment should always be in the room.

Drug Management

According to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), narcotics are required to be kept between 59 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (15 C-30 C) in order to remain effective. When the drugs fall outside of these guidelines, they become useless and must be disposed. “Just in time” purchasing is affording hospitals a leaner inventory and cost savings through waste minimization. Apptricity I-Connect Bluetooth tags provide temperature readings, stock date and expiration to both the mobile and web applications. When any of these metrics are exceeding thresholds, an alert is sent to an appropriate team member to address the issue at hand.

Real-time, automated reporting

Global Healthcare Exchange reports two thirds of hospital executives lack real time reports with actionable data. Apptricity’s Asset Management solution provides advanced reporting capabilities on any captured data within the system. These reports can be auto-generated and sent out to any interested party, keeping all decision makers informed on important metrics.

A well-organized practice can literally save lives and integrating IoT connectivity can help while maintaining your high standards. Apptricity Asset Management will organize and revolutionize your asset tracking strategy, ensuring the right equipment is in the right place at the right time.

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