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You need a reliable software for energy supply chain management. Apptricity software lets you track a virtually unlimited array of equipment and vehicles including different asset types, makers, and vintages. As long as these assets send data, Apptricity can capture, organize, and analyze it. The result: you get 360° real-time views into your equipment fleets and, equally important, coherent views. You get actionable information in at-a-glance dashboards customized to your precise needs and preferences. That’s the Apptricity way — delivered your way.

From drillers to pipeline contractors, field equipment and other assets, like piping, drill bits, even shovels, are vulnerable to theft, loss, and misuse. Maintenance schedules must be threaded around job schedules. Along with asset tracking and reporting, Apptricity can automate your maintenance schedules and harmonize them with planned jobs and work in progress.

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Valuable components, from rock bits to tubulars, can be tracked from warehouse and yard to field staging and deployment. Further, Apptricity Asset can automatically update inventory levels and coordinate with your suppliers’ systems. Integrating your supply chain reduces risk of shortages causing project disruption. And, Apptricity can track your assets in any oilfield around the world.

You can add other seamlessly integrated Apptricity software modules to automate ordering and payment for equipment and supplies, cross-check assets against work order specifications, and automatically calculate your actual costs.

Apptricity’s flexible, platform-agnostic software technology, based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), will integrate with existing ERP, GL, and other systems and data structures, including older legacy systems. This “flexibility on steroids” means we can customize and deploy your Apptricity solution typically in 90 days or less — an implementation speed unmatched in the industry.

Other Apptricity Tracking Features

  • Improves product tracking and inventory processes, global business unit.
  • Reduces shortages and stockpiling.
  • Reduces or eliminates of misdirected and misplaced assets.
  • Increases overall visibility of your assets as they are deployed.
  • Provides complete and easy access to assets’ custodial history.
  • Updates yard and field inventories.
  • Matches field inventories to contract or work order specifications.
  • Issues alerts for new and updated orders: detailed instructions, time estimates, and updated materials lists.
  • Issues real-time status updates on work in progress.
  • Boosts productivity by optimizing vehicle routes and providing turn-by-turn driving directions.
  • Improves asset purchase decisions by automatically monitoring inventory levels.
  • Enables efficient coordination between dispatchers, drivers, field managers, and supervisors. Given role-based permissions, for instance, can all view the same real-time ETAs with updates via text, email and phone.