Whether you’re supporting customer-site installation/repair or “sticks and wires” maintenance, repair or overhaul (MRO), field operations must become more cost efficient. You need 360° visibility — automatically tracking not just vehicles, crews and individual techs but high-value equipment, parts and materials transported on every truck and deployed on every job.

While anyone can talk about traditional telematics, only Apptricity’s Telematics Asset Tracking lets you see inventory and materials transported on every truck. The Apptricity-designed, intelligent onboard hardware component is the only one of its kind that provides telecom field operations substantial advantages in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Apptricity tracks assets primarily via barcode and RFID (radio frequency identification) tags. They work in conjunction with the system’s scanner and customer service vehicles equipped with a purpose-built ID tracking device, called I-Connect, to locate and report against all moving inventory in the field and within the vehicle.

Cloud-based Apptricity Asset tracking software takes and uses this field data integrated with GPS location, asset status and related information to deliver a comprehensive Asset-Based Telematics solution. It can automatically check deployed items against the job’s work order — and auto update inventory levels to prevent stockout service disruptions while ensuring lean, cost-efficient operations. Apptricity solutions integrate with any ERP system and an organization’s existing software platforms and data structures, thanks to the Apptricity’s integration engine, which enables end-to-end intelligent analytics and reporting.

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Numerous built-in Apptricity reports inform decision-makers, using real-time and historical data, the information needed to pinpoint patterns of use and anomalies requiring additional attention and immediate action.

For the technical gear and the vehicles themselves, Apptricity Field Services can automatically maintain lifecycle documentation like maintenance records, repairs, depreciation, end-of-life and disposition. The data can additionally integrate with General Ledger accounts to track asset costs allowing users to search by type of asset, location, asset owner and other attributes.

  • Apptricity Field Services and related software capabilities open the door to future options such as turn by turn directions, dynamic routing based on work order, and real time onboard inventory capabilities.
  • Apptricity offers ISO 18000-6c compliant RFID devices, ensuring that your installed Asset-Based Telematics solution can leverage future advances in passive RFID tag technology.
  • Apptricity partners with a leader in antenna and wireless systems design and manufacturing, ensuring you get a next-gen solution.
  • Apptricity’s flexible, platform-agnostic software technology, based on a service-oriented (SOA) architecture, will integrate with virtually any future software technology.
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Key Advantages

  • Improves product tracking and inventory processes while reducing shortages and stockpiling.
  • Eliminates misdirected and misplaced products, matching onboard inventories to job assignments for the day’s work orders and increases overall asset visibility.
  • Delivers service activity status updates via on-demand wireless synchronization technology, enabling smaller, more accurate service windows while boosting productivity with optimized routes.
  • Issues alerts for new and updated work orders: detailed instructions, time estimates, and updated materials lists.
  • Improves purchase decision-making by automatically revealing inventory turns and usage patterns, and by providing complete and easy access to assets’ custodial history.
  • Increases customer satisfaction with more accurate ETAs, smaller service windows, and arrival updates via texting, email and phone notifications.