IoT Tracking Devices

What is IoT?

Power of IoT

IoT or “The Internet of Things” refers to the relationship of all internet-connected physical devices (except computers and smartphones). These devices use sensor technology to share data with other machines that are also connected to the internet.

Apptricity’s world-class IoT Tracking Devices such as the patent-pending tags, beacons, and controllers enable organizations to track and monitor their assets and inventory, indoors or out, anywhere in the world.

IoT Tracking Devices such as I-Connect Devices allow you to track items with Bluetooth® and RFID tags.
RTLS/GPS tags allow you to track items with a Satellite or LTE network.
Connect these devices with our Asset and Inventory Management solutions for end-to-end visibility.


IoT tracking device solution that reads multiple devices and transmits data to the web via secure Bluetooth®, WiFi or LTE. Edge devices provide machine to machine real-time analytics.


Apptricity provides a Patent Pending I-Connect Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacon. These devices are range up to 10,000 meters with passive and active technologies.


RFID tags are the most extensive, affordable, and comprehensive solution on the market. You can use passive and active (battery-powered) RFID tags to track your assets.

Real-Time (RTLS)

These devices communicate over Satellite or a LTE network, and can report from anywhere on Earth. Depending on ping rates, the on-board power supply can last up to three years before recharging.