Bluetooth Technology Gives Powerful Real-time Data Insights

Inventory manager tracks and locates every item with BLE technology and simple inventory software.
Inventory manager tracks and locates every item with BLE technology and simple inventory software.

Inventory masters are realizing that BLE technology delivers far more capability than just connecting wireless earphones or additional devices to smartphones, tablets, etc.

How did deeper needs for simple inventory software solutions manifest itself into a near-perfect match for location information? Virtually anything can be identified via BLE tagging technology. Experts in IoT, Apptricity has developed a simple SoO (System of Operations) giving users the ability to find a unique item’s location via BLE.

Apptricity showcases the I-Connect family of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. The I-Connect beacon tags identify and locate assets, inventory, and even personnel. Responsibly priced options can scale and apply to any business segment. In fact, Apptricity’s client roster includes partners such as the US Army, US Air Force, Department of Defense, Verizon, Brinks, Lockheed Martin, San Bernardino County, Travis County EMS, and more.

Warehousing Case Point:

“Our team has no more black holes in our warehouses and storage areas. It’s cool modern technology but not intimidating. The team can see our entire inventory across locations in real-time. We don’t have frantic forklift drivers searching high and low and we don’t waste time with calls and inquiries to other warehouses. We all have the Apptricity application on our smartphones with real-time updates for our inventory’s proximity, location, identification, and expiration date. We are one of the most efficient departments in our company!”

Construction/Heavy Equipment Case Point:

“We do everything with heavy machinery! We sell it, we service it, and we rent it. We have over 30 locations in 3 states, and we have tracking and accountability for it all in real-time. I could have every crane in our fleet, every forestry rental, every single commercial rig in our inventory and pull it all up right here on my phone or my tablet. Apptricity was the only company offering 23-Mile Bluetooth capability. We even get alerts if something isn’t where it should be! ROI increased, personnel efficiency increased, and everyone has the same info at the same time.”

Healthcare Case Point:

“We have millions if not billions of dollars’ worth of capital equipment, diagnostic machinery, surgical robotics, PPE, disposable health inventories, surgical devices, respirators, surgical implant inventory, and areas of high security in our hospital. Apptricity has a System of Operations (SoO) that has alleviated archaic practices in keeping track of everything. We have amazing range all over the hospital. We get active notifications if something needs immediate attention. The battery life is extremely efficient, and we don’t lose equipment anymore.”

Why are Apptricity I-Connect tags superior to traditional passive tagging methods?

The I-Connect family of tagging choices is superior to traditional passive tags. The transmission range stretches from 300 feet to 23 miles away, depending on device and need. Active notifications alert users to a variety of metrics and indicators with real-time visibility. Communication through BLE allows for maximum battery life through a more energy efficient protocol than antiquated systems. These tags can be read with Apptricity’s Bluetooth-enabled I-Connect Controllers, or with a smartphone running Apptricity Asset Mobile. Apptricity’s I-Connect Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons provide the ability to locate any asset, inventory item, or personnel.

Apptricity is an expert IoT industry leader providing the ability to operate as a System of Operations (SoO) or integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions.

Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Reach out here to see how the experts at Apptricity can help any-sized business solve issues with IoT.

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