Multi-industry Tracking Successes Start with RTLS Implementation

RTLS solutions track important manufactured components.
Row of new cylindrical parts of huge industrial machines on wooden crates standing along large warehouse of modern factory

Real-time location service has landed in a wide variety of business verticals and specialty segments.

Tagging assets and inventory with IoT technology gives construction, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare businesses a wealth of data and positive ROI and ROT.

What does a real-time location service (RTLS) solution help a company achieve? Sometimes, the simple answer is the best answer. RTLS utilizes tagging to track any asset, inventory, or component for any company, anywhere, at any time. Efficiencies and financial improvements are the result.

Tagging? What are RTLS tags? RTLS tags adhere to and track valuable and necessary assets or specific inventory in real-time. These devices contain a power supply and a connection to the internet (via LTE) where they self-report data and metrics as needed and defined by the users. For instance, a user can be alerted if any of his fleet of $300K tractors moves off his property.

There are so many intractable problems that are solved by implementing a RTLS. How do these deeper needs translate into solutions for Apptricity clients? Read the industry-specific anecdotes below.

Real-time location service meets industry specific, and all-too-often scenarios.

Construction Conundrums:

“I’ve got four construction site locations and my foremen constantly radio corporate about missing generators, building supplies, and a crane that was supposed to be delivered two days ago. We have expensive machines, tools, components, and parts. Every time we search for something it takes hours of looking high and low with multiple people and some stuff we never do find.

Manufacturing Mischief:

“We make parts for commercial transportation. We’ve got manufacturing facilities in three states; each has twelve machines on the assembly circuit cranking out metal. Our biggest problem is we tend not to know where our inventory is and how much of it is stored, shipped, or out for delivery. We have a hard enough time keeping up with our assembly line machines’ service schedule.”

Medical Mayhem and Hectic Healthcare:

“We have crash carts, ventilators, c-arms, and loads of disposable inventory that we need for almost every patient in the emergency room. Nothing can be found, and if we find it, the battery is dead, or completely broken.” We are supposed to be caring for our patients, not the devices!”

“I’m a trauma representative, and I get called to various hospitals with surgical tools, kits, and implantable devices. I never know which set is in which hospital because six representatives share inventory, and half of us are usually unreachable. we need a system to show us where all our assets and inventory are in real-time.”

Ramshackle Retail:

“I distribute licensed sports goods to retail stores for sale around North America. There are four distribution centers in the United States, one in Mexico and two in Canada. We need a system to show us exactly what inventory is in what location. We have a small shrinkage problem with some inventory items never accounted for, either by theft, negligence or otherwise.”

A Turning Point of Knowledge from Transparency:

“The platform provides deeper and stronger data and information than we have ever had, and we get it instantly.”

“Everything is easily located and everybody knows who is responsible for it. We know where it was, who had it, and for how long. Even better, we know when our inventory is expiring.”

“It’s easy to identify when our manufacturing equipment is due for service. We know when an employee has entered an off-limits area. We know where our lifesaving medical devices are. We know where our machine components are stored and when to order more.”

“Our team has real-time access to all our inventory and equipment and who is responsible for it. We have scheduled maintenance and are never in the dark.”

The Apptricity corporation provides IoT devices, software, and applications for RTLS management efforts. Apptricity has long been a partner and client of the United States Army, United States Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Brinks, Verizon, AT&T, San Bernardino Public Health Department, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.     

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Apptricity is an expert IoT industry leader providing the ability to operate as a System of Operations (SoO) or integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions.

Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Reach out here to see how the experts at Apptricity can help any-sized business solve issues with IoT.

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