Get 360° visibility and tighter controls over your City/State spending

Track the who, where, and when of all your vital assets with Apptricity’s Government and Public Agency Asset Management Software

Apptricity integrated software suites for Supply Chain and Expense Management help governments and public agencies deliver exceptional performance while conserving taxpayer funds — the very best of what government can be. Measurable results give public officials and their administrators proof to demonstrate this crucial point to constituents.

By providing 360° visibility into state or local operations, Apptricity Asset Management tightens your control of vehicles, equipment including computers and supplies. Apptricity Field Service solutions implement today’s most advanced telematics concepts to improve performance and efficiency of teams ranging from repair crews to EMS. Apptricity Expense Management provides easy-to-attain control of procurement, travel and reimbursement. Individually or together, Apptricity integrated solutions can make dramatic impacts on how well government runs — a result that all constituents can celebrate.