“My Field Services Plan Seems More Lost than our Vanishing Tools, Equipment, and Inventory! I Want a Real Solution!”

It sounds very familiar. It resonates with project managers, operations gurus, the C-Suite, and field technicians. It doesn’t matter the industry. It is a very frequently voiced complaint. An Apptricity field services solution gives structure and boosts ROI for clients of many verticals.

Field services are coordinated service efforts (services, deliveries, installs) by a company at an off-site, customer work location or series of locations. Busy corporations routinely lose time, inventory, and costs from their field services departments. It’s very common for companies to realize the most important products and expensive equipment are also the most often stolen, broken, backordered, out-of-stock, in the wrong hands, “I don’t know,” or “lost.” It happens, and it happens often.

Solution time! The Apptricity SoO (System of Operation) provides real-time asset management abilities with intuitive functionality and a smooth user experience. The solution translates into measurable efficiencies in time and cost ROI. The following are common topics of request for field services solutions analysis and implementation:

  • Service technicians (for safety and work order/service location)
  • Vehicles (location, information, driving habits, route efficiency)
  • Machinery (service records, who has/had it, where is/was it, scheduled maintenance etc.)
  • Tools (location, manuals, service records, maintenance schedules)
  • Inventory (equipment, infrastructure, building materials, consoles, cabling, disposables)
  • Supplies (HVAC, safety equipment, PPE, flashlights, small hand tools, food/water rations)
  • Computers (installations, service communications, invoicing, work orders, process dashboard)
  • Diagnostic instruments (specialized tools for special service-oriented business)
  • Capital equipment (large machinery, cranes, yellow iron, HVAC, climate-controlled storage containers)

The Apptricity IoT network device line is among the best on the market. Finding an IoT company that specializes in both devices and software is a rarity. Clients find great advantages from a single capable partner under one roof.

The I-Connect family of network edge devices provides unique and scalable options to grow and change as clients do. Additionally, Apptricity devices are the fastest tracking solutions on the market. The devices in the I-Connect arsenal are the Ranger, Scout, and Pathfinder.

These Apptricity IoT EDGE devices communicate with the system through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, LTE 4G, M1, Ethernet, POE, and/or Satellite connection. They can be placed and utilized anywhere power is present.

These systems provide real-time, in-transit visibility to inventory and assets. An example of areas of usage includes storage rooms, warehouses, vehicles, aircraft, ships, and shipping containers. Apptricity even provides mobile tracking device options capable of scanning Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) tags. The variety of tools makes it easy to deploy anywhere. Now is the time to track your assets and inventory in even the most difficult spaces.

The Apptricity corporation is an IoT solutions expert for clients and partners, including the US Army, US Air Force, Verizon, Lockheed, AT&T, Brinks, San Bernadino County Sheriff, and many others.

The Apptricity team has a proven record of accuracy in real time that guides your organization to a higher level of efficiency in field services management. Additionally, the system provides positive ROI by tracking all assets, vehicles, fleet, maintenance/repairs, work orders, inventory, tool allocation, staff assignments, and equipment availability, just to name a few.

Apptricity Field Services Critical Success Factors

  • Smaller and more precise service time appointments
  • Service/fulfillment vehicles properly stocked
  • Increased customer satisfaction ratings
  • Communication variety with talk, text messages, and phone calls
  • Highly detailed work order creation
  • Information synchronicity by wireless technology
  • Total visibility for fleet dispatcher/distribution hub in real-time
  • Fast response to changes, updates, and needs on the fly
  • Fast customer service and delivery changes on the fly
  • Eliminates clerical error, data-entry time, and rote tasks
  • Runs on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone platforms

Apptricity Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Compatibility

  • Easy integration with almost 60 ERPs
  • Including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Banner, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Epicor, Sage, and QuickBooks
  • SoO (System of Operation) is operated as a standalone solution or SaaS.
  • The implementation ramp-up is usually completed within 30 days.

Please visit our next blog about the success of the Apptricity CSV (Connected Service Vehicle) with real-time visibility for in-transit service vehicles. We will also explore Apptricity’s RF Beacon and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) Devices.



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