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Enterprise Asset Management Operations from a Single Application in Real-Time
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Intelligent EAM Software

Managing your organization’s EAM software solution does not have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, Apptricity’s Enterprise Asset Management Software application gives you a single, unified view of your Asset, and Inventory Management procedures.

Apptricity’s EAM (Entperise Asset Managem/enterprise-asset-management/asset-tracking/ent) software provides a cloud-based system, along with mobile applications, that feature IoT integrations. This means it provides real-time updates of end-to-end EAM process.

Each EAM Software application can be used separately, or in conjunction with the others to scale with your needs. In fact, one of our customers has this to say about it:

“In addition to interfacing with existing legacy systems, Apptricity’s advanced service-oriented architecture allowed our business to replace several homegrown applications with a web-services based solution.”

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Integrated EAM System

Integration Engine

Our integration software can accept data in the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.

Included Connectors for Common ERPs

Our ERP integration enables our software product to process data to and consumed from external sources.

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EAM Software Solution

Secure Cloud Environment

Secure cloud computing available in single tenant, multi-tenant, private or FedRamp environment.

On-Demand Access

Work online or offline. Automatically synchronize data when you reconnect into a WiFi, LTE or Satellite network.

Manage Assets on Any Device

Mobile asset management software provides real-time asset tracking solution on any device.

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Real-Time Asset Tracking Software

The Apptricity EAM software solution provides visibility into the location and status of any asset you manage. Track your important items with any IoT tag, including RFID, Bluetooth, LTE, and GPS. With both a web and mobile, cloud-based solution, you can access your information from anywhere.

Lifecycle Management

Manage entire asset lifecycle that includes monitoring used/assigned equipment, track service contracts and maintenance schedules as well as depreciating models.

Geofencing & Location History

Get alerts when asset has been scanned or reported out of radius.

Maintenance Repair Operations

Determine remaining service, asset valuation and warranty info with MRO.

Inventory Control Processes

Track movements, adjustments and receiving across facilities.


Search by any attribute your organization cares about.


Organize inventory to group frequently ordered items.


Eliminate manual data entry and reserve assets ahead of time.

Inventory Tracking System

The Apptricity Inventory Management application provides the same visibility as Asset Tracking, just for your inventory. Track quantity levels, expiration dates, inventory location, and more with our cloud-based solution. Integrating IoT technology gives further detail into the location of your important inventory.

Technology Features

  • Rapid Upgrades

    New features quickly implement at a much lower cost. Migrating to a new version can occur in as little as one month. Customizations roll-over to new releases.

  • Flexible & Easy Configuration

    Our business rules engine, workflow and integrated administration tools enable your administrators to dynamically make configurations without IT team assistance. Our applications readily adapt to your organization’s business logic, rules, best practices and compliance requirements.

  • Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

    Apptricity provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop application-specific reports.

  • Secure Systems

    Our Asset Tracking solution meets the highest security standards. We extend the same security we offer our government clients to our commercial clients, preventing the possibility of a data breach or co-mingled data.

  • Platform Inclusive

    Apptricity applications are platform inclusive and highly adaptable. They run on any standard operating system, web browser, application server or mobile technology platforms for iOS, Android and Microsoft Mobile tablets.

  • Scale Faster at Lower Cost

    As your business grows and changes, Apptricity mobile and web integrations remain intact. Readily migrate when needed. Adapt easily to new business requirements – all at a low cost.

Real-Time Capabilities

Apptricity’s asset tracking software uses RFID, Bluetooth & LTE technologies to provide real-time data about your assets productivity.

Asset Tracking Tags for Every Situation

You have the freedom to choose which tags fit your budget, or asset category without the worry of software compatibility into your ERP system.

Any Device and Network

Cloud-based devices deliver cost-effective, scalable options, for asset and inventory tracking.

Global Real-Time Insight

With Real Time Location Services, you can see your global assets and inventory.

IoT Tracking Technology

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Asset Tracking Product Sheet

Apptricity Asset Management automates and simplifies asset tracking. Sweep away inefficient, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes. See how a 360-degree visibility is possible with automated business rules, alerts and real-time asset tracking.

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Enterprise Asset Management Product Information

Inventory Tracking Product Sheet

Apptricity Inventory Management reduces lost or spoiled inventory. It makes it  easy to pack and ship. Run inventory reports on stock quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration detail. Find out how IoT tracking tags can be used in conjunction to get specific location details.

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Inventory Management Product Information

Apptricity Product Overview

Apptricity software applications provide cloud-based software that bring a new level of efficiency to asset and inventory operations. Platform agnostic. Easily integrates with ERP and existing legacy systems seamlessly. See how we can streamline your supply chain execution and asset tracking tasks.

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