Keep Track of all your Corporate Travel and Expense Cost With Apptricity’s Travel and Expense Management Software

Expense Management Tracking With the User In Mind

Travel and Expense Management Software automates how you enter, review, authorize, approve, and audit your expenses. Travel and Expense Management Software benefits entry-level employees up to executives with the ease of use and increased productivity. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop web and mobile interface to automate your corporate travel and expense as your finance team sees real-time reporting of all tracked expenses globally.

All of this plus full integration into your Enterprise Resource Planning and accounting system to track spending company-wide. Our agile and flexible platform will ensure your travel and expense management solution readily adheres to your travel and expense compliance standards with our business rules and workflow engine — providing an easy and painless implementation.

Web Based TEM Software

Expense Workflow

With an automated travel expense management system, your company will see an increase in employee efficiency and a decrease in compliance issues. Business rules are set giving employees a sense of freedom and upper management peace of mind.

Research shows that a fully automated travel and expense report costs 74% less to process than a manual report. Now you can redeploy finance staff onto more high-value and urgent work, saving money and eliminating error-prone manual data entry.

Key Features

  • On-the-Go Reports

    Intuitive mobile and Web interfaces, enable quick and easy creation, tracking, approval and audit of expense reports. Work offline, auto synchronize later.

  • Eliminate Rogue Spending

    Enforce corporate policy, manage cash outlays, and reduce expenses across the board. Automation allows for easy accessibility, efficiency and prioritization.

  • Boost Efficiency & Speed Up Processing Time

    Reduce paperwork, automate approvals, and lower transaction costs. Overall process complexity is substantially reduced. Total integration from the get-go.

  • Reduce Transaction & Processing Fees

    Expense report transactions fees are ONLY calculated on final and approved expense reports, saving you significant $$ money.

Travel & Expense Software Capabilities

  • Expense Reporting

  • Corporate & P-Card Integration
  • Flexible Auditing
  • Cash Advance & Trip Approval

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