Streamlined to Gain Visibility, Control, & Compliance.

Travel and Expense Management Software automates how you enter, review, authorize, approve, and audit your expenses. Travel and Expense Management Software benefits entry-level employees up to executives with the ease of use and increased productivity. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop web and mobile interface to automate your corporate travel and expense as your finance team sees real-time reporting of all tracked expenses globally.

All of this plus full integration into your Enterprise Resource Planning and accounting system to track spending company-wide. Our agile and flexible platform will ensure your travel and expense management solution readily adheres to your travel and expense compliance standards with our business rules and workflow engine — providing an easy and painless implementation.

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Reduce Transaction & Processing Fees

Expense report transactions fees are ONLY calculated on final and approved expense reports, saving you significant $$.

Boost Efficiency & Speed Processing Time

Reduce paperwork, automate approvals, and lower transaction costs. Overall process complexity is substantially reduced. Total integration from the get-go.

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Eliminate Rogue Spending

Enforce corporate policy, manage cash outlays, and reduce expenses across the board. Automation allows for easy accessibility, efficiency and prioritization.

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Create Reports On-The-Go

Intuitive mobile and Web interfaces, enable quick and easy creation, tracking, approval and audit of expense reports. Work offline, auto synchronize later.

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Eliminate Rogue Spending

Allowing employees to make business expenditures is powerful, but it can also present an area of vulnerability for an organization. Apptricity Expense provides granular visibility to check and analyze employee spending, displaying trends that help identify potential issues. Auditing capabilities automatically find suspect expenses as well as random samples for further review.

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Create Reports On-the-Go

Web and mobile entry make tracking and reporting simple for all types of business expenses. Quick entry wizards make it easy to enter complex bills and per diem expenses correctly, based on location and date.

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Flexible Audit

Expense reports may be audited based on random percentage, amount, category, department, and other parameters. Audits can be done prior to payment, after payment or both.

Travel & Expense Overview

Apptricity Travel & Expense automates and simplifies how you authorize, enter, review, escalate, approve, and audit travel and expense transactions.

Spend Management Overview

With Apptricity Spend Management, you and your employees gain end-to-end visibility, faster procurement, simpler purchasing, easier payment, and greater compliance.

Apptricity Company Overview

Platform Agnostic friendly, Apptricity IoT solutions increase and extend the value of information technology investments for business, government, and the military by accelerating business processes and improving enterprise visibility.

Travel & Expense With the User in Mind

Do you need to manage requested business trips or track mileage for employee business travel? The combination of expense management and our travel management solution creates the perfect travel and expense management platform. Do you want Artificial Intelligence paired with Optical Character Recognition to capture receipts instantaneously from the snap of your phone?

You can have all these benefits on one enterprise platform with Apptricity software. Get the travel and expense reporting software solution you need and pair it with the products that benefit your company most. Gather data on business travel, booking requests, receipts, and audits.

Customers Who Love Apptricity

Apptricity Integrates with Any ERP

Apptricity’s Integration Engine is a multi-dialect tool enabling our solutions to provide data to, and consume data from, external sources. Integrations can take the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.

Apptricity also provides pre‐built integration connectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Workday, Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Microsoft Dynamics and many other technologies.

Apptricity Integration Engine with several brands of ERP