Tracking Inventory with GPS Technology

How often do you think of incorporating GPS tracking into how you manage your inventory? While GPS tracking isn’t typical in inventory management terms, it’s one of the best ways to keep track of your existing inventory – and on what’s coming in or going out.

Tracking your business’ inventory means lots of hands, paper, pencils, and human error; that method isn’t cost-effective, and it’s entirely time-consuming. If you have considered GPS for inventory tracking but haven’t fully committed, here are just a few reasons why GPS tracking is good business sense.

Get Alerts & Notifications:

Keep track & securely manage all of your high-dollar items, high-value items, and all things important with peace of mind. An integrated inventory management solution with GPS tracking can send alerts to your mobile device or email whenever that item has moved outside of a geofencing perimeter you set. 

Here’s an example: small high-dollar electronics are often stored in a supply room, but those items tend to disappear when managers aren’t looking. Installing a GPS tracker on each item means knowing where it is at all times, and when that tracker leaves the supply room to the register for purchase, the owner can be alerted if the item deviates off course. This solution results in money saved, better loss prevention, and decreased shrinkage.

Save Time & Money

Relying on a manual tracking process to track inventory or assets wastes time, money, and workforce. An investment in GPS tracking technology will mean reallocating and reinvesting those resources into your business’s growth. 

Pairing inventory management software with GPS tracking devices will provide a digital dashboard with real-time data about all of your inventory in any location. The best inventory management software solutions with GPS capabilities can also be accessed on any smart device for better control and complete visibility from virtually anywhere.  

Easy Integration & Automation

A good tracking solution can easily integrate with your existing software. After locating an item or asset, data is updated into your solution. Automated communication to each system and department reduces the risk of error and decisions made with improper data. Automation is a growing trend that continues to help businesses grow. You are no longer checking in with different team members for updates, risking delayed information and absorbing the cost of time-consuming processes. Now that you know some of the ways that GPS tracking will benefit your business, it’s time to take the first step to modernizing your operations!

Apptricity is ready to help! The Apptricity cloud-based Inventory Management Software and Tracking Solution uses IoT technology to keep track of your inventory in real-time or near real-time. It’s a cloud-based application available on the web and mobile devices. You get real-time visibility of your inventory data wherever you are, including analytics on shelf-life, inventory counts by location, out-of-stock by SKU, expiration dates by product, and shrinkage. Learn more about integrating tracking solutions in a free 20-minute demo. Schedule a call with an account representative to discuss the right options for your needs.

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