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Logistics Management Software with 360 Degree Visibility

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Strengthen, control and boost efficiency WITH REAL-TIME DATA

Apptricity helps logistics and transportation operations gain tighter control by providing 360° visibility of all  assets.  Global Visibility translates into reduced asset loss, less operational disruptions, stronger regulatory and contract compliance and more accurate and reliable ETAs, longer asset life for vehicles and equipment through more effective MRO (maintenance/repair operations).

Visibility means knowing what’s in every warehouse, on every dock and truck, at any given moment, 24/7. Efficiency rises when drivers, dispatchers and managers all view the same information — and more complete information — at a glance. Flawless coordination becomes second nature. You can also increase customer satisfaction by giving your customers access to designated information. Also, the chain of custody for goods under your control is strengthened, a potential benefit when insurers rate risk in your operations.


Apptricity delivers these and other advantages by providing integrated software suites and associated M2M Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as GPS and radio frequency identification (RFID). Even demanding customers like U.S. Army Logistics rely on Apptricity’s advanced technology implementations and rapid deployment.

Apptricity Warehouse management software enables you to manage all related operations, from logging incoming shipments to putaway, inventory control, and shipping. Today’s warehouse managers have a considerable amount of technology at their fingertips: radio frequency identification (RFID), data provisioning, sorting equipment, etc. Apptricity pulls all this together in an intelligent, computer driven solution.

Apptricity Warehouse provides comprehensive yard management capabilities essential to automating operations. Gate check-in and check-out, trailer movement requests, loaded inventory disclosure, and full integration with warehouse activities are all included features. Gain real-time global visibility into the “who, what and where” of all your organization’s yards around the world. Google Earth™ and maps of your location layouts are also integrated to present unparalleled visual information.

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Automate Operations to Optimize Efficiencies

Apptricity Warehouse provides full visibility for receiving, inventory, shipments, and yard management. With Apptricity’s Patented IOT technology, RFID, Bluetooth and Real Time Location technology at your disposal, you gain complete oversight, control, and cost efficiency. With a simple and an intuitive user interface on the Web, Tablet or mobile device, user have complete visibility into your daily operations. Apptricity Warehouse covers every phase of warehouse and distribution center operations.

Capitalize on the Benefits of Automation and Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate with any back-end system, including custom legacy solutions and automation systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRSs) to extend control to critical areas of your enterprise.
  • Enjoy complete multi-site visibility into receiving, inventory and shipments, giving you over-sight/control with money-saving efficiencies. Visualize all assets with comprehensive item status tracking.
  • Scale operations by encompassing hundreds of locations, across your portfolio or just at a single storage facility. Speed and simplify your warehouse searches using multiple categories.
  • Utilize full mobile support, including iOS®, Android® and Windows Phone® devices.
  • See it all with comprehensive item status tracking.
  • Scale it all by encompassing hundreds of locations across the enterprise or just a single storage facility.
  • Speed and simplify your warehouse searches using multiple categories.
dock yard with containers and vehicle

Achieve Total Awareness and Control

Inbound Receiving

The solution facilitates the tracking of inbound items and supplies configurable validation points. Full license plate functionality with opportunistic cross-docking is included. Integration with financial systems, legacy systems, and ASRS extends control to critical areas of your organization.


The interface is designed for efficiency, few screen changes and minimal system modifications, making shipment management is smooth and easy.


Warehouse streamlines your putaway operations, providing for system directed wireless putaway with configurable rules and validation points. A number of industry best practice rules are also included, such as fewest locations, nearest location, zone logic, and fixed location.

Picking and Shipping

The system accommodates multiple picking methods, including ASRS, carousel, pick and put-to-light, pick-to-belt, and a-frame dispensing systems. Full-truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal and parcel shipping are also supported.

The Apptricity Warehouse module is an integrated mobile solution suite, bringing a new level of efficiency to your organization’s assets, inventory, field service and warehouse operations.

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