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Track your fleet and the shipments they carry

Apptricity Asset and Inventory Management

Tracking vehicles and cargo on land, in the air, and at sea, Apptricity’s cloud-hosted, IoT-enabled Asset and Inventory Management solutions provides the real-time visibility into important information about the location, usage, and quantity of the items you manage.

Tracking the Vehicle and Cargo in Transit

Energy construction projects often contain a variety of expensive pieces of equipment for installation and maintenance. Manually tracking these items over the course of a large jobsite, often in rural areas, is virtually impossible to do with precision. Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware solves this by connecting your most important equipment to the Internet of Things. Tags that report via RFID, BLE, LTE, and Satellite all report to Apptricity Asset Management, allowing for tracking of items in up to real-time. If items are meant to remain static, users can establish geofences to alert them if an asset leaves a defined geofence.

Managing Parts Inventory

Understanding the quantities of parts at any given facility is important for efficient maintenance operations. With Apptricity Inventory Management, users can view quantities of specific items at the facility level. When tied in with RFID or BLE tags and I-Connect Controllers, these cycle counts are conducted in real-time, eliminating the need for manual counts that are prone to user error. If any particular item falls below a user-defined stock threshold, purchase orders can be auto-generated to ensure that replacement stock is on the way.

Optimizing Maintenance Activity

Vehicles in a transportation fleet provide no value if they are constantly under repair. Automating the scheduling and execution of maintenance tasks is a key objective Apptricity provides with Asset Management. As vehicles accumulate mileage or other usage calculations, Apptricity’s business rules engine can be configured to auto- generate work orders when a usage milestone is met or exceeded. These work orders can then be auto-assigned to a technician user in the system for completion. Each asset contains a full maintenance history including all past, present, and future work orders. Learn more about how Apptricity can help your business by scheduling a demo to see in action how our software solution can solve your biggest problems. Just click the “Let’s Talk” button at the top and let’s start the conversation.

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