Leaders are facing a changed landscape in Travel and Expense management in 2022

Covid-19’s grip on the world’s productivity is loosening, even in the midst of the Omicron wave. In fact, business travel is predicted to go up by over 37% percent in 2022. With that in mind, business leaders are facing a changed landscape in Travel and Expense management and looking for new solutions to new problems. Making travel easier for your employees will be important in the months to come.

New Challenges in Travel and Expense Management

One of the biggest challenges in T&E is the fact that the post-pandemic world values efficiency more than ever before. And inefficiencies abound. Changing travel plans at a moment’s notice is becoming more common. Waiting for travel approvals, then manually creating or uploading travel receipts, and writing up travel spending reports can be laborious. Plus, as a manager, approving and reviewing employee travel and compliance is wasting a shocking amount of work hours that could be spent on more valuable activities.

When travel plans can change suddenly, whether due to employee sickness or to changing travel restrictions, being able to adapt at a moment’s notice is a priority. Managers and traveling employees need to be able plan their travel easily, and to cancel travel requests and edit reports in a single place without bombarding finance with tickets and busywork. Every organization will have different policies and MO’s, which means that no one solution works for everyone. Any T&E solution in 2022 will require features that can be customized to align exactly with each company’s needs.

Putting It into Action

As leaders face this changed travel landscape, they will need automated T&E software that contain efficient and customizable features that can easily adapt to the ever changing travel environment.

Apptricity’s Solution

With Apptricity’s T&E software employees can make travel requests and track their expenses with ease thanks to our easy-to-use mobile and web interface.

Apptricity’s T&E Solution Features Include:

  • Plan and capture all travel data when it is booked
  • Interactive dashboard that captures travel information on a single dashboard
  • Easy approval interface that sends travel requests to manager
  • Update spending and receipts online or offline
  • Mobile imports of photos and receipts
  • Easily manage reports in audits within one software tool
  • Ensure compliance with company travel policies
  • Customize for easy use
  • Interfaces with existing ERP and Accounts Payable systems

Apptricity’s Travel and Expense solution has all these features and more and integrates seamlessly with all ERP and Accounts Payable systems. With completely customizable widgets and tabs, getting your traveling employees the tools, they need to navigate the unpredictable world of business travel in 2022.

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