Need your supply chain process to flow like a classic opera, but with less tragedy? Explore the latest score in GPS tracking systems

Globally tracked supply chains and inventory management solutions should be music to your ears!

GPS tracking application suites can be thought of in the context of a well-tuned symphony orchestra. The hardware, like a violin and bow, remain silent, unnoticed, unobtrusive, safely hidden from view inside their cases. The software is reminiscent of an original score, a composition of notes, a code, a chord, a process, a workflow.

The instrument and arrangement are blended, cooperating, integrating, forming an original piece of musical soundwaves brought to life by a skilled musician, an engineer, a composer, a conductor.

IoT progress has enabled an average user to pick up an instrument (tablet, smartphone) and easily control (track, manage operational visibility, store information) every note, chord, rhythm, beat, melody, cadence, tone, and timbre (inventory, location, time delay, delivery driver habits, logistical plans, sensors, monitors, cycle counters).

The sweet buzz of a GPS tracking system stings thieves

Supply chain disruptions are common reports in the post-pandemic business landscape. We experience product shortages, inventory management issues, and our supply chain execution efforts often fail miserably. The last thing any economy or enterprise asset manager needs is an elevated level of crime or nefarious actions that further affect inventory access.

It’s common to hear reports of stolen or lost assets from so many companies in a variety of verticals. Agricultural theft is on the rise, but it’s not what you are thinking. There are still standard thefts of harvest equipment, irrigation and trenching units, expensive agricultural tools and even the cattle. All can benefit from GPS asset tracking hardware and software applications which in turn result in reduction of asset management costs.

A continued rise in criminal activity has honey harvesters, beekeepers, and almond grove managers left feeling more like angry hornets than honeybees. GPS tracking systems, some complete with real time supply chain visibility, are utilized to exterminate the thieves and minimize the losses of extremely delicate assets, the beehives! The pandemic set up our economy for rising supply chain costs, inventory shortages across industries, and a necessity for asset tracking devices.

 GPS supply chain function moves from acoustic to electric

GPS capabilities and functions are great additions for asset tracking devices. Tracking location of a service or delivery vehicle, an inventory lot, a logistical history, and many other metrics are being well-received and implemented into modern supply chain operating systems. There are scalable and integrated solutions available for companies of all sizes.

The identification, categorization, management, and cloud storage are only just beginning steps to gaining maximum control and traction in the supply chain landscape. The addition of invoicing, ordering, service alerts, cycle counting, anomaly detection, and actionable events alerts are creating labor and time efficiencies as well as significant financial advantages.

 Live on WGPS radio, DJ IoT and The Blockchains

Global positioning systems have continued to evolve and catapult IoT into advanced and more widely utilized solutions. The supply chain, warehouse, and clearinghouse managers are many of the early adopters in a process that lets sensors, monitors, hardware, and software do all the heavy lifting and direction. Progress never stops and the next iterations of IoT in the supply chain management processes will include some very progressive new methods.

A. Blockchain: Most of the discussions surrounding blockchain applications have being playing solos in cryptocurrency gigs like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Industry is on the cusp of an explosion of blockchain systems entering the landscape in healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and food supply logistics. We should face the music when the most crucial supply chains are constantly exploring technological efficiencies for their systems. Patient information and healthcare could certainly benefit from the same encryption and authentication blockchain affords its cryptocurrencies.

B. Machine Intelligence: Is it more palatable than the term artificial intelligence (AI)? What’s the difference? Semantics? Same song, different day? Pretty much. The term “machine intelligence” seems to evoke a feeling of superiority as a human designed tool. Artificial Intelligence has many times been typecast as the harbinger of the classic computer led end of humanity. Hollywood latched on to that sensationalism providing fodder for at least a half-dozen films. In truth, IoT is solving inefficiencies, saving both time and expense while improving safety.

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